Maalik-ul-Mulk meaning

Maalik-ul-Mulk meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Maalik-ul-Mulk who is the master of the kingdom. He is the one with absolute authority and power. 

Maalik-ul-Mulk meaning in English: 

  • The one master of the kingdom
  • The one owner of whole the creation
  • The one with absolute authority
  • The one who can act in any manner
  • The one who is the lord of kingdom
  • The one who is the owner of dominion
  • The one who is the owner of absolute sovereignty 
  • The one who rules all the creation
  • The one who has absolute power
  • The one who owns His creation
  • The great king
  • The one who commands 
  • The one who decides everything for this world and the world hereafter
  • The one who possess ownership 
  • The one who is the proprietor of all creation
  • The one creator of the whole universe
  • The one possess all authority
  • The one who is master over all worlds

The king, the owner of dominion: 

Allah is Maalik-ul-Mulk who is the king and the master. He is the one who created this whole universe by Himself. He is the lord of the kingdom and master of the kingdom. He has absolute authority and power over all His creation. He owns and rules over all His creation. He is the one who has command over all His worlds and decides for the worlds and everything they contain. He is the ruler who manages everything in this whole universe. He is the one supreme possessor and the ruler of the creation. He is the one king of all kings, owner of all owners and the master of all masters. He has a kingdom over all that is and also over all that will be created by Him. 

He is the owner of dominion and the owner of absolute sovereignty. He has all ownership and authority over everything. He has dominion over everything and provides dominion to whoever He wants. He is the eternal possessor of sovereignty and has power over everything and anything. He is the lord of absolute ruling power and authority. He is the one proprietor of all the creation and may act at anytime, in any way in full authority and power. 

How can you live by the name Maalik-ul-Mulk?

Allah calls Himself Maalik-ul-Mulk, on one occasion in the Quran. Be good to others, don’t misuse your authority over others. Be humble in your relationship with others and in your relationship with your lord. 

Reflect on the kingdom: Nowadays we live in cities, in which we are surrounded by machines and concrete. When we are caught in our daily life issues and problems and when we feel a weak connection with Allah then we should step out of the streets, reflect on nature and let it humble you. Reflect on the creation of your lord. 

Motivate yourself: Make paradise a reality in your life and do struggle for it each day. Make it a goal at the start of the day. Imagine about the moment you enter paradise, the angels at the gate will welcome you with honour and with peace, there you find a peace you really want. Then think that you will rush towards your house in paradise and be blessed with so many blessings and bounties. Motivate yourself to do good deeds in order to achieve your goal to have paradise. 

Be a good leader: The leader of people is a guardian for them and is responsible for their everything. For example a man is responsible for his family, a woman is responsible for her husband’s home and his children. The servant is responsible for the property of his master and is responsible for it. Everyone is responsible for his things or emotions around him. Always remind that you will be asked by your Maalik-ul-Mulk for the authority He gives you, about your leadership

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