Az-Zaahir meaning

Az-Zaahir meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Az-Zaahir who is the most evident or manifest. Az-Zaahir made Himself evident without being visible. He is the one who knows all, whether apparent or hidden. 

Az-Zaahir meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the manifest
  • The one who is conspicuous
  • The one who is outward
  • The one who is evident
  • The one who made Himself evident without being visible
  • The one whose existence is demonstrated by all His creation
  • The one who subdues
  • The one who knows all, whether apparent or hidden
  • The one who overcomes
  • The one who is high and above all
  • The one who is the helper
  • The one whose oneness and existence is apparent
  • The one whose attributes are shown through all the creation
  • The one who is apparent
  • The one who is dominant over everything
  • The one with highest rank
  • The one who support through His aid
  • The one who is clear and obvious

The manifest and high, The one who overcomes: 

Allah is Az-Zaahir(ٱلْظَّاهِرُ) who is the one manifest and the most high. He is the one who is apparent in all things He created. His oneness and existence is apparent. He is the one who knows everything, whether apparent and hidden. He is evident and conspicuous. The very attributes and essence is shown through all the creation. Nothing is hidden from Him, He knows everything and anything. He is the one clear and obvious and His presence is shown through all His creatures. As He is manifest, He is the most high. The one who is higher in His status and rank and no one can attain His position. He knows everything perfectly and one clear and obvious in His appearance. He is dominant over everything and is the king of the whole universe. All His creation is lower in status to Him and He is the one higher in all His attributes.

Az-Zaahir is the one who overcomes everything. He is the one dominant over everything. He is higher in His rank, status and above all. He is the one who creates this universe alone and all others are His servants that follow Him. He is the one who knows everything with His knowledge and wisdom. He overcomes everything and everyone with His powers and strength. He subdues everything and everyone. He is the true helper and supporter of all His creation. He helps those who need Him at any moment or any situation. 

How can you live by the name Az-Zaahir? 

Allah calls Himself Az-Zaahir, on one occasion in the Quran. Always remember that He knows everything you do and also what others do with you. Reflect on the things of Az-Zaahir in your environment and strengthen your belief with it. 

Look after your outward and inward: The purpose of life is not only nourish your body with food and drink and satisfy your senses, but also nourish your soul with the remembrance of your lord. Don’t spend all your time and money on making yourself beautiful, but also spend time in remembrance of your Allah. Spend your time in reciting the Quran, in remembering Az-Zaahir. Use these supplications in your daily life. 

Check your intention: Everything you do or you think, is apparent by Az-Zaahir, whether you make it in public or not. All of our deeds are considered by our intentions and rewards and punishment are all granted according to your intention. So while doing any deeds keep on checking your intention. So pure your intentions and make them clear for every deed. Az-Zaahir knows your intentions fully, so keep your intentions pure. 

Be comforted by Az-Zaahir: Always know that He knows everything you do and also what others do to you. He knows that no one else knows. When you intend to do a good deed but don’t do it, then this deed is written good in your record because of your good deed. So think good for yourself and for the others around you. Never think bad because if you do it then it is written as one bad deed in your record. 

Look around to increase your praise of Az-Zaahir: Have a look in your surroundings, at plants, animals and on your own self and think that everything is manifest by Him alone. When you think your Emaan decreases then have a look at these creatures in your surrounding environment. These things make your belief strong and you will be grateful to your lord for all these creations. 

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