Ash-Shakoor meaning

Ash-Shakoor meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Ash-Shakoor who is the most appreciative or the one rewarder of good deeds. He is the acknowledging one who is most grateful.

Ash-Shakoor meaning in English: 

  • The one who is most appreciative
  • The one who is most grateful
  • The acknowledging one
  • The one who is the rewarder of thankfulness
  • The one who is bountiful
  • The one who is the rewarder of good deeds
  • The one who bestows great rewards
  • The one who gives abundantly
  • The one who appreciates smallest deed
  • The one who is the rewarder of paradise
  • The one who is supremely grateful
  • The one who gives a lot for little deed
  • The one who acknowledges and rewards all act of goodness

The most appreciative, the one who rewards little with much: 

Allah is Ash-Shakoor who is the most grateful and appreciative. Allah grants us more and more reward when we do some deed. He is the one who appreciates His servants for doing good deeds. For Example when Allah gives you wealth and power and you use it for the help of the poor. For the purpose of feeding them, giving them clothes to wear and also to live with them peacefully and happily. Then in this way Ash-Shakoor will grant you more in another way. He gives you more wealth and power so that you may get appreciated by your lord and keep on doing good deeds. He appreciates you and is also grateful to you at all times. He appreciates you so that you may do good deeds more and more. 

Ash-Shakoor is the reward of good deeds. He rewards you more than you deserve or more than your deed. So He wants His servants to do good deeds and then in return He rewards them. He is the one who rewards paradise in return for one good deed, no matter whether it is little or large. When you are doing a good deed then never think that it is little, but keep in mind the gratefulness of your lord. He abundantly rewards in return for what was little. When a person commits a sin then returns to His lord then He forgives Him as well as rewards Him for his good deeds. 

How can you live by the name Ash-Shakoor? 

Allah calls Himself Ash-Shakoor, on four occasions in the Quran. Appreciate others and be grateful for all that Ash-Shakoor has given you. 

Do good deeds no matter how small: When you get a chance to do a good deed then do it, don’t think that this is a small deed. Think about the gratefulness or bounties of your lord who is going to reward you for your good deed. Don’t hesitate that it is a small deed but do it if it is beneficial to others. When you remove a small stone from the path then don’t think it a small or little deed but keep in mind that Ash-Shakoor will remove all the hurdles and problems from your life. Meeting with others with a cheerful face and pure heart, is also a good deed. 

Be sincere and patient, and remember paradise: When you do a good deed then never think that Allah will bless you immediately for that deed. But He checks by delaying His appreciation that His servant loses his hope or not, if he gives up or carries on in doing good deeds. Nothing is lost from what we have done. So be sincere with your lord and always work with patience and one day He will reward you. Ash-Shakoor has promised that He will reward you but not say that He will reward you in this world. He will reward you in this world but when He doesn’t reward you then never lose hope because He rewards you in the world hereafter and you will be pleased by Him. 

Help others and Ash-Shakoor will help you: When you help others others in doing their work, help others in relieving their pain, hide the faults of others, remove grief, then Ash-Shakoor will help you by relieving your pain, He will conceal your faults, remove grief from your life or also blesses you in the hereafter. So have great faith in your lord, keep on helping others and then Ash-Shakoor will help you. His help is far better than any other help. 

Appreciate people: Showing interest in the lives of others is a beautiful social skill. Ask others for their health, their daily matters, their job interviews etc. When you see someone doing effort and his hard work then appreciate him for his efforts and for his work. Make a habit to thank people because the reality of thankfulness is that you thank Allah for His gratefulness.

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