Ash-Shaheed meaning

Ash-Shaheed meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Ash-Shaheed who is the one all and ever witnessing. He is the one who observes everyone and everything He created.

Ash-Shaheed meaning in English: 

  • The one all and ever witnessing
  • The one all observing
  • The one witness everything seen and unseen
  • The one full of knowledge
  • The one who is the witness of all thoughts and actions
  • The one testifier
  • The one who is certifier
  • The one ultimate witness on the day of judgement
  • The one who is aware of everything
  • The one who hears every sound
  • The one who sees everything
  • The one who testify for or against His servants
  • The one who is present everywhere
  • The one from which nothing is hidden
  • The one who is trustworthy in His testimony

The one all and ever witnessing, the all observing: 

Allah is Ash-Shaheed who is the one witnessing. He witnesses everything, whether seen or not, apparent or hidden. He is the one ultimate witness on the day of judgement. He knows every thought and action and witnesses everything. He has the knowledge of everything, that is shown by anyone or not, but He knows it because He is the creator of the whole universe and the whole world. He is aware of everything, hears every sound and sees everything that is happening in His creation. He is enough for witness, and to protect His servants and believers from evil eyes. 

Ash-Shaheed is the who is all observer. He observes every single thing, every small and large thing. He does not need things to be apparent to observe but He observes hidden or unseen things also. Nothing is hidden from Him, as He creates everything and has the knowledge of everything. He does not need any help to see things and to observe them. Ash-Shaheed is the observer who sees every small thing and also hears all types of voices, whether loud or silent. He observes thoughts and emotions, who except Him nobody knows. 

How can you live by the name Ash-Shaheed? 

Allah calls Himself Ash-Shaheed, on 18 occasions in the Quran. Do good with others by using your limbs and tongue as they are witness for you on the day of judgement. Always remember that Ash-Shaheed witnesses you all the time then protects yourself from committing sin.

Trust in Ash-Shaheed: When you are treated unjustly by others, then trust in your lord that He is your witness, and will give you justice one day. He may give you justice in this world or in the world hereafter. So if you have strong belief in your lord then He will definitely give you its reward and you will be pleased by your lord. He grants you justice by His way of giving justice and undoubtedly it is better than any other justice.

Remember that you are a servant: It is very easy for anyone to shout badly on His family, his children, on servants and on many others when you are in a position that you have authority and power. If Allah grants you a position then don’t misuse it. Because as He gives you He may take it away from you. Always remember that you are a servant of Ash-Shaheed and if He behaves badly with you then you don’t understand anything. 

Always stand up or trust: When you see something bad around you, then stand up for the welfare or benefit of others. If Allah grants you power to stand against the wrong then stand up and fight against wrong. So trust on Ash-Shaheed that He witnesses you all the time and He helps you whenever you need help. 

Don’t make your limbs testify against you: Speak to others in a proper or good way that is beloved by Ash-Shaheed. Your tongue and limbs are witness of your’s on the day of judgement. If you speak smoothly with others and also behave goodly then they give a positive response. So use your tongue and limbs in the way that your lord likes the most. Eyes tell that you use them to read what, tongue tell that you use it to speak what, limbs testify that what you used for them. 

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