As-Samee’ meaning

As-Samee’ meaning or explanation in English

Allah is As-Samee’ who is all hearer without any instrument or organ. He is the one who listens to all and also listens to their problems.

As-Samee’ meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the hearer
  • The one who pays attention
  • The one who is the all listener
  • The one who is all hearing
  • The one who hears all sounds
  • The ever listening
  • The one who comprehends everything
  • The one who also listens the one which is in secret
  • The one who hear the voice of hearts
  • The one who is all knowing
  • The one who knows everything whether it is hidden

The all hearer, the all knowing: 

As-Samee’ is the one who is the all hearer. He is the only one who pays His attention to every supplication, listens to all who reach out to Him. It does not matter that we are speaking in what type of language, in secrecy, loudly etc. But He listens to it or also pays attention to it. As-Samee’ is the all hearing who hears the voice of all His creation, whether it is human, animal, plant whatever He listens to everyone and fulfils all their needs. He listens to everything we say to Him or also those we don’t say. It does not matter how privately we speak, so use your speech wisely so that He may listen to you and also answer your questions.

As-Samee’ is all knowing with all hearing. He knows everything, even a single detail of it and makes sure that He may help His creation in all the way. He may understand fully what His believers want from Him and definitely pay heed to it. He knows all the problems, deficiencies, difficulties and needs of His creation and also helps them in all their times to get out of it and have peace in their life. 

How can you live by the name As-Samee? 

On 45 occasions Allah called Himself As-Samee’, in the Quran. He is the ever listening, the all hearing. 

Speak with etiquette: When you talk to someone talk wisely. There are a lot of etiquettes for a Muslims to talk with so study the etiquettes and also follow them in your life. When we study the book of sunnah and our holy Quran we learn about the etiquettes of talking. Study what type of speech As-Samee’ wants to listen from us like His dhikr, reciting the Holy Quran, kind words to others etc. 


Be comforted by As-Samee’: When you see something wrong, then correct it with your words. Because we have the power of words so use them to comfort others. As As-samee is with us so do not fear anyone because He can hear and see anything. As-Samee answers all your prayers when you dua to Him, so invoke Him. Remind yourself that dua is the best weapon of the believers and also shake the mountains. 

Ask As-Samee’ to bless your hearing: Allah As-Samee loves those who use the abilities in the way He gave them for His sake. Allah gives you ears to listen to gossip not to music. He grants you tongue so we can talk well, not for lying. So use your organs in the way He created them for and not the way He doesn’t like.

Use the right words: As-Samee’ has granted you tongue to talk, but talk in an appropriate way. Always use the right words while talking, think about others not only yourself. Words can define your personality, so define it in a better way. Use those words that are near to your lord and those that please Him. 

Ask As-Samee in your salah: When you offer prayers then ask As-Samee in salah. When you stand to worship Him He will be pleased that His man comes to Him in every condition. He hears you, the words that are kept in your heart He will know them and fulfil your all needs. He gives you more peace and tranquillity. 

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