As-Samad meaning

As-Samad meaning or explanation in English

Allah is As-Samad who is ever-lasting. He is eternal and complete. The one who is self sufficient and the master. He is unaffected and unchanged. 

As-Samad meaning in English: 

  • The one who is eternal
  • The one who is ever-lasting
  • The one who is the master
  • The one who is self sufficient
  • The one who is complete
  • The one who is unaffected and unchanged
  • The one who is complete and whole
  • The one who is satisfier of needs
  • The one who knows everything
  • The one upon which whole creation depends
  • The one doesn’t depend on others
  • The one who is the refuge
  • The one who is absolute
  • The one who is able to fulfil every need
  • The one who is noble and unique
  • The one who possess everything
  • The one who is free from deficiency and dependency
  • The one who is self subsistent
  • The one who disposes of all affairs
  • The one who in times of hardships seek sanctuary

The satisfier of all needs, everlasting refuge: 

Allah is As-Samad who is the satisfier of all needs. The one who takes care of all His servants and helps them always to get out of all problems and troubles. He is the one who gives refuge and shelter to all His servants and to all His creation. He is complete and absolute in His attributes and qualities. He satisfies His servants by relaxing them, by giving them a source to have peace and joy. He is the only one who helps others, His creation depends upon Him. He disposes of all affairs and problems. He is the one with full knowledge and wisdom and uses His knowledge and wisdom to help and satisfy His creation. He fulfils all the needs of all the creation and gives them eternal refuge. Except Him, no one can help others without any reason and benefit. 

As-Samad is the one ever-lasting refuge. He is the one who gives refuge and shelter to everyone. He feeds all His creation, it doesn’t matter what place they are situated. He is free from deficiency and dependency on others, but all His creations depend or rely upon Him only. Every solution to any problem belongs to Him. People came to Him at the time of need and He fulfilled all their needs. 

How can you live by the name As-Samad? 

Allah calls Himself As-Samad, on one occasion in the Quran. Rely and depend upon As-Samad who knows everything and turns to Him in the times of hardships and ease. 

Realize your dependence upon Him: As-samad is the one upon which we depend and He is the self sufficient lord. Look at all the things you need to live this life; air, water, food and even love. Think about who is there to provide you with all these things, without any reason or benefit from you. So realize your dependence upon your lord who is the most great and noble in all His attributes and qualities. 

Call upon Him: When you are stuck in a problem or have some trouble in your life at any moment, then only call upon As-Samad. He is the one satisfied with all needs. When you call upon Him, He knows everything with His knowledge and wisdom but He likes to be asked by you. Call upon Him because He likes to be asked by His servant. He fulfils all your desires and all your needs. 

Recite and live by surah Ikhlaas: Make a habit to recite surah Ikhlaas and also learn it by your heart. Know the meanings mentioned in that surah that what your lord wants to tell you about. Know its history and learn how to correctly recite it and how to transfer it to your children and also know its tafseer completely. Learn how to recite it and also how to live by this surah of As-Samad. 

Desire As-Samad: Turn to As-Samad in all your times, whether good or bad times to have ease in your worldly life as well as for the world hereafter. Seek His eternal refuge and know that He is the one who fulfils all your needs and satisfies your needs. Strive for the real servant of As-Samad who has strong belief in Him and who doesn’t go against Him. 

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