As-Salam meaning

As-Salam meaning or explanation in English

Allah is As-Salam who is the most perfect and complete in His attributes. He is the perfect source of peace and calm.

As-Salam meaning in English: 

  • The flawless
  • The one who is the source of peace
  • The giver of blessings
  • The source of perfection in Himself,His characteristics
  • The one free from all imperfections
  • The one free from all faults
  • The one who is most perfect
  • The one who is all complete
  • The one who is the granter of security
  • The one who is the giver
  • The one away from any defect

The source of peace, the giver of blessings: 

As-Salam is the source of peace, content and tranquillity. He is the one who gives peace of mind and heart by His divine love and tranquillity. As-Salam helps us in all the matters of our lives and also gives solutions to every problem. He is all complete and perfect in His attributes and by His perfection He grants everything to nHis creation. He is a perfect source of peace as well as security to His mankind.

As-Salam is also the one who gives His unlimited blessings to His creation and makes them happy. He showers all His blessings and bounties and also showers His love for them. As-Salam is the one who also gives security and makes them safe from any evil thing.

How can you live by the name As-Salam?

Seek for a clean heart: Allah does not look at your face or your wealth but He looks at your deeds and your heart. As you are alert for any physical disease so access your heart for diseases like jealousy, lying, backbiting etc then seek for a clean heart from Allah and seek it from Quran.

Spread the salam: Always work for the welfare of mankind, feed the hungry, say salaam to those you know or also to those you don’t know. Spread peace among others by taking care of others. Salaam is the pure blessing to us from Allah. Pray to Allah while others are asleep then you shall enter paradise peacefully.

Be patient in trials: When you have pure faith in Allah As-Salaam, then He will surely bless you With His countless blessings and grant you bounties. If you have some difficulty or problem in your life and you are a true believer then He will definitely grant you more and more and also get you out of the problem. Show patience in hard times and As-Salaam will give you peace and always bless you.

Ask As-Salaam: When you have some hard time in your life then ask your lord. When you ask Him, He will definitely grant you and make you happy at any moment of your life. Dua to As-Salaam to have peace in your life, for the peace of your heart and mind and also refresh your mind. 

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