Ar-Razzaq meaning

Ar-Razzaq meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Ar-Razzaq who is the sustainer for all His creation. He is the feeder who feeds everyone in the whole universe or all the worlds. He is the provider of everything and anything to everyone either living or nonliving.

Ar-Razzaq meaning in English:

  • The total provider
  • The one who is the sustainer
  • The one who is the feeder
  • The one who creates all means of nourishment
  • The one who is the provider of all means that are good for body growth
  • The one who is the provider of everything that is used for body’s development
  • The one who is the supplier
  • The one who bestows all means of support
  • The one who is the giver of rizq 
  • The one who delivers every beneficial thing to His creation
  • The one who is the giver of all health and wealth

The provider, The feeder:

Allah is Ar-Razzaq who is the provider of everything to all His creation either believers or disbelievers. Ar-Razzaq gives you rizq from that corner of the world from where you don’t think about. He opens the door of blessings for His creation that His creation has no idea about them.

Ar-Razzaq is the supplier of health as well as wealth, The one who is the firm possessor of strength and power. Allah is the creator of sustenance for all His creation. Ar-Razzaq is the one who feeds all His creations with food and gives them different means of sources. Ar-Razzaq is the provider who provides people’s bodies with the things that are needed for its physical as well as spiritual development.

How can you live by the name Ar-Razzaq? 

Allah has used this root 123  times in four derived forms in the Quran. Ar-Razzaq is Allah who is the provider or supplier of everything.

Be satisfied: Always be satisfied with the wealth Ar-Razzaq has given to you. What Allah has given to you, Then always pay a word of thank that what Allah has given us is best for us. Don’t complain about anything because when you complain it means you are getting against Ar-Razzaq, who is the provider of everything. 

Understand the ways of Ar-Razzaq: Try to learn more about the ways of Ar-Razzaq . His spiritual ways are the best ways and we have to understand His path. Some people are very religious and follow Allah’s rules but they don’t feel much spiritual comfort, which means that Allah wants them to know more about Him and His ways. So, Allah wants them to reach His level, so that they may know more about their lord and know how Allah has granted them with rizq and His blessings.

Consider what Allah has given to you: First look at the things around you and then consider about your lord who has created all this for His creation. We live on fertile land and everything worth eating is grown in this land. Ar-Razzaq has given us countless blessings which we never count, as they are unlimited and never be counted. Look at the environment, soil, weather, land, air, flower blossoms, fruit and vegetables come out of soil or many other things and think about everything that how He has created all this.

Trust in Ar-Razzaq: Always have a huge trust on Allah, Ar-Razzaq that He is the only one who grants us with the bounties of the world. He is the one who gives feed to very small insects, and Also grants or feeds His whole creation at the place where they are located. When you are in the womb He will also provide us feed. He gives us food after we are born. Ar-Razzaq give food to everyone in their fix time when it is written in their fate.

Use Ar-Razzaq’s blessings in the right way: Use your rizq in the right ways, don’t use it in haram means. Use your blessing in Allah’s path, give it to poor people around you and use it in doing good deeds. One thing that prevents your rizq reaching you is your sin. 

Work hard: Your rizq depends on how much you work hard and do efforts in having your rizq. Ar-Razzaq has given us rizq when we try to achieve our goals and put our efforts in our work.

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