Ar-Rauf meaning

Ar-Rauf meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Ar-Rauf who is the most compassionate and the most merciful lord. He is the one who never gets harsh or unjust in His rulings.

Ar-Rauf meaning in English: 

  • The one most kind
  • The one who is the most compassionate lord
  • The one clement
  • The one who is all-pitying
  • The one most merciful
  • The one who never gets harsh
  • The one who never do unjust to others
  • The one just in His rulings
  • The one most gentle
  • The one who tenders mercy on His creation
  • The one most affectionate
  • The one who shows tenderness
  • The one who guides His creation
  • The one granter of blessings
  • The one most merciful
  • The one most forgiver
  • The one bestows boundless clemency
  • The one most glorified

The most kind, the most merciful: 

Allah is Ar-Rauf (ٱلْرَّؤُفُ) who is the most kind and the most compassionate. He is kind to all His creations. He bestows His blessings and bounties on His all creation and never does unjust to others. He is the one whose compassion and tenderness is beyond understanding. He shows pity on His creation. He shows His kindness by giving His blessings or bounties to all His creation fully and equally. He is kind and compassionate by accepting the repentance of sinners. He forgives those who repent and turn towards Him. He forgives His creation because He is the most kind lord who never punishes the one who wants forgiveness.

He is the most merciful lord who shows pity or mercy on His creation. He bestows His limitless bounties on His beloved believers and also on the ones who are His disbelievers. He produced a variety of everything, fruits, vegetables and many other things for the sake of fulfilling hunger. He may reduce the sorrow and problem of the one who asks Him for His mercy and kindness. He is the most glorified and most merciful lord who shows mercy on all His believers as well His disbelievers. 

How can you live by the name Ar-Rauf? 

Allah calls Himself Ar-Rauf, on ten occasions in the Quran. Always be kind and humble to others, treat others with tenderness. Make your heart fill with pure feelings and emotions. 

Increase your heart in mercy: Always be kind and humble to others. Treat others with tenderness and with patience. Think about the ways that you help your brothers and sisters around you. If Allah has granted you with things, with wealth so give it to others, show mercy on others. Try to increase the feeling of mercy in your heart. Always be passionate to show mercy or kindness to others around you. 

Open your heart to the Quran: Our lord has sent His holy book for the sake of guidance and understanding. This book is the one who brings you out of darkness to light. Ask your lord to open your heart with the light of His pure knowledge. 

Be proactive: If you see someone or your brother or sister in your surroundings low in iman and go astray then guide them or give them courage to walk on the right path and advise them with kindness and care. Enjoying good and forbidding evil is a duty upon you. Be inspired by Ar-Rauf to warn, help or also to guide others as much as you can. 

Balance is islam: Depending on the situation, compassion is balanced with strictness in islam. Shaitan plays with the hearts of people and misleads them from their path. For example in some situations shaitan leads to show excess kindness whereas sharia demands strictness. 

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