Ar-Raqib meaning

Ar-Raqib meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Ar-Raqib who is the all observer. Nothing is hidden from Him, He has the knowledge of everything. He knows the secrets of every soul. 

Ar-Raqib meaning in English: 

  • The one who is all watchful
  • The one who is the observer
  • The watcher
  • The one who sees everything
  • The one who is the guardian
  • The one who is the vigilant witness
  • The one who has the knowledge of everything
  • The one who knows the truth of everything
  • The one who knows all secrets
  • The one from which nothing is hidden
  • The one who has an eye on everything
  • The one who oversees
  • The one who is all hearing
  • The one who is never absent from any scene
  • The one who is the controller
  • The one who is the preserver

The all watchful, the observer: 

Allah is Ar-Raqib who is all watchful. He watches every single thing. He watches everything by His wisdom and His powers. As He is superior to all then He has command over everything. He not only sees that are apparent, but He also watches hidden things that except Him nobody knows. He is the watcher of every single deed. By His watching ability, He also protects His creation and guards them. As the watchman watches everything around him, He also watches everything in this world. Nothing is hidden from Him, As He is the knower of everything and anything. He is the one vigilante who guards His whole creation. He is watching everything, hearing, seeing,or knowing everything. Ar-Raqib watches you all the time, He watches whatever you do, wherever you go, even the unspoken words that you speak, He knows everything, because He is watching everything.

Ar-Raqib is the one all observer. He is the one who observes everything. By observing, He sees the truth in everything and anything. He knows the secret of every soul. He is the one from whose observation nothing is hidden. He observes all deeds, emotions, actions and feelings. He is the observer as well as a witness that is never absent from the scene and observes every scene. He oversees everything, and observes every single deed, action, emotion, feeling and many others. 

How can you live by the name Ar-Raqeeb? 

Allah calls Himself Ar-Raqeeb, on three occasions in the Quran. Be raqeeb yourself, observe others and stand up for good and against wrong. 

Know that you are never alone: A scholar advised in the past: repeat these words whenever you go to bed, wake up or go out. Ar-Raqib looks at me, Ar-Raqib watches me, Ar-Raqib witnesses me. Whenever you repeat these statements then you will automatically go away from wrong deeds and don’t think of committing a sin. Whenever you feel that you know all your steps then you may become a man close to your lord. Ask Him in your dua to purify your heart, intentions pure and deeds good. 

Remember Ar-Raqib when you are tempted: When you are tempted to do something that you don’t do or to something that is haram, think that Ar-Raqeeb is watching you and He observes every single deed of yours. Think that He is the all observer; would you dare to look up and say no to your lord? 

Mind your words: In our daily life we stay away from some major sins like adultery and interests. We don’t even know that we are committing thousands of sins in our daily life, by speaking some words that are not good. Mind your words while speaking. Be inspired by Ar-Raqib and mind every word you speak and think about whether this speech makes your lord please or make Him angry. 

Supplicate to Ar-Raqib: Whenever you are stuck in a problem then seek help from the one who is always watching you. Ask Him to get you out from it, by His powers and knowledge. Ar-Raqib will help you to get out of it and you will be pleased. 

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