AR-Raheem meaning or explanation in English

Allah is AR-Raheem, who acts with extreme kindness and shows mercy on His creation and on His believers. AR-Raheem is the one who shows His continuous blessings to His creation and also has a good response for the one who does good deeds.

AR-Raheem meaning in English:

  • The especially merciful
  • The Bestower of mercy
  • The most compassionate
  • Who bestows His continuous mercy on all his creation
  • Who bestows more his grace and rewards to one who do good deeds and His believers
  • Who act with extreme kindness

The especially merciful, The most compassionate:

Allah is the most merciful to all His creations. His name is AR Raheem which means especially merciful. He is the only one who showers all his countless blessings to His creation, His believers.

He shows more His rewards and grace to all those who are His true believers and do good deeds. Allah is the most merciful, The most compassionate, The one with extreme kindness and mercy.

Allah calls Himself AR-Raheem, on 93 occasions in Quran and 112 times in the basmalah.

AR-Raheem refers to the effect of Allah’s intense mercy on the whole creation. One should imagine a shower of blessings, and also imagine these showers of blessings as always and continuous.

How can you live by the name AR-Raheem?

Name AR-Raheem gives many guidelines to Allah’s own creation and His believers.

Be kind to others:

The person who is softhearted may show kindness to others. But the one who is hard hearted is deprived of this divine act of kindness. 

Once a Bedouin came to the Messenger of Allah and asked: Do you kiss your children? He replied “Yes”. He said: “By Allah, we do not kiss them”. Then He (PBUH) replied: I cannot help you if Allah has closed your heart and snatched kindness from your heart. So open your heart and be kind to others.

Recitation of the Holy Book (Quran):

When the Quran is recited, listen to it actively. So that it may affect your heart and when you listen to it attentively with respect and honour, then you may receive more guidance and mercy on your lord.

Turn to AR-Raheem:

When you did sins or mistakes and also realize your mistake then turn to your most merciful Raheem Allah. He is the most forgiving, The most compassionate. If He intends for you good, then no one can repel his bounty. If Allah should give you hardship, then no one can remove it except Him. So, turn to your Allah, no matter how many sins you commit. He is the most forgiver if His man turns to Him.

Endeavour for Taqwa:

If you have strong faith in Allah and also have Taqwa of Allah, then He will definitely show His blessings and his mercy on His beloved man. So, make your Taqwa strong of Allah so that He may show his double blessings and mercy on you and also always forgive you.

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