Ar-Raafi meaning

Ar-Raafi meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Ar-Raafi who is the elevator or raiser who decides whomever is raised in its rank and which is lowered. 

Ar-Raafi meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the exalter
  • The one who is the raiser who raises
  • The one who is the elevator
  • The one who up the rank of whom He wills
  • The one who is the uplifter
  • The one who is all powerful
  • The one who change the rank of anyone
  • The one who turn slave into king
  • The one who is complete

The raiser, the uplifter: 

Allah is Ar-Raafi who is the raiser who raises His creation. He is the one who has the power of everything that He wants to be. He can give His creation high as well as lower rank in the world or the hereafter. Ar-Rafi gives His creation higher rank and makes His creation happy and peaceful. He gives success in every field of their life and makes them joyful. When a man has a difficult time and he faces this time with patience then He will bless Him with high rank in both worlds.

Ar-Rafi is the one who is the uplifter, who uplifts His believer in any way. He has the power to convert a slave into king and also king into slave. As He uplifts His creation, then He also lowers His creation. He has all powers to uplift or lower also, but Ar-Raafi can uplift or raise His believers and also grant them peace.

How can you live by the name Ar-Raafi? 

Ar-Raafi is the uplifter or raiser of the ranks of His believers and all His creation. He grants them success and victory in all fields or work of their life.

Be kind to others: When we want to gain success in our life then we have to be good to others to the creation of our lord, so that He may grant us success. When you see someone hurted and find them in difficulty then try to mend his heart, because when you do kindness to others then Ar-Raafi will definitely reward you as a result. Always be kind to others and try to find solutions to others’ problems. As you found the solution to others problems then Ar-Raafi also helps you in your difficult time.

Try to clean your heart: When your heart is cleaned then you may have a spirit to do some good deed. Your good deeds will surely rank you high in both the worlds. Pure heart raises you to go to high positions. A man with a clean heart also does good with others as well With themselves, as a result your lord will also shower His unlimited blessings on them.

Ask Ar-Raafi: Always ask Ar-Raafi at all times whether it is a good or bad time. Because when you ask Him He will also listen to you and also give you but at the fixed time when it is written for you. So you have to show patience when you ask your lord about anything then He will grant you better than you think about it.

Respect your rank: When your lord has granted an amazing rank then always respect it. Because when you respect the things Allah has granted you then He will give an increase in it. But when you don’t respect Allah’s blessings then He may take them away from you. 

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