An-Nur meaning

An-Nur meaning or explanation in English

Allah is An-Nur who is the light and who illuminates the divine light of all the worlds. He is the one who guides towards truth. 

An-Nur meaning in English: 

  • The light
  • The one who is the illuminator 
  • The one who guides
  • The one who reveals
  • The one who illuminates the hearts 
  • The one provider of clearance
  • The one who turns towards light from darkness
  • The one who lighten up the hearts by faith and with knowledge
  • The one light of heavens and the earth
  • The one who enlightens the universe
  • The one who exists everywhere in the form of divine light
  • The one who is most honourable
  • The one who reveals the divine lights of all the worlds
  • The one knower of everything

The one who illuminates, the one who guides: 

Allah is An-Nur the one who illuminates the heart of everyone with His divine light. He fills the hearts of people with divine light and lets them lighten. He is the light of heaven and the earth. He lightens all the worlds with His light. He is the one who gives light to His creation for their soul and bodies, the divine light. He illuminates the heart of people with His pure and divine light so that they may shine internally like a star. He fills the hearts of people with His light so that they may have a soft heart and also they may help others. He is the one whose light clarifies or reveals, both physically and spiritually. 

He is the one who guides His creation towards His path. He is the best of all the guides and source of guidance for His believers as well for disbelievers. He is the spiritual light that enlightens the heart of people. He enlightens their hearts and then fills them with pure love and with guidance. He is the best protector of the faith of His people and takes best care of them. He guides His creation by different sources or through His divine light. He guides them towards truth and towards the straight path. He gives His creation success in their worldly as well in their religious life by guiding them. 

How can you live by the name An-Nur?

Allah calls Himself An-Nur, on one occasion in the Quran. Have strong belief in your lord and in His book and follow them fully so that you may get success in every field of your life. 

Increase your good deeds: Do as many good deeds as you can for the sake of divine light, and the light that will brighten your face. Make your intentions good and then do every deed with pure intentions and emotions. A way to increase your worship is to focus on your daily life activities and then make them more pure consciously focusing on them i-e cooking, cleaning and working, do with the intentions of pleasing your lord. 

Think of the light on the day of judgement: Day of judgement will surely come and on that day this divine light will help you. So do more good deeds as you can, so that your spiritual light will help you which is because of your good deeds and actions. So think about the light on the day of judgement and think how this light will help you or grant you on that day. 

Know what to follow for success: There is a book and a clear light comes from our lord. Take the Quran and sunnah as your guide and think that they are the only source of receiving the spiritual light from An-Nur. Through them you will learn about good and bad and you will surely distinguish between them. 

Strive for His light: Give the Quran and sunnah priority in your life. When you are on the way to do something then do according to the Quran and the sunnah. Learn the actual language of the Quran and recite it in its actual language. When you give them priority then An-Nur will guide you and also bless you with spiritual clarity. 

Be thankful: Always remind that An-Nur has guided you from the darknesses of disbelief to the light of islam. Always thank Him for His blessings from the bottom of your heart. 

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