Al-Waliyy meaning

Al-Waliyy meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Waliyy who is the one protecting friend. He protects or supports His servants. He is the supportive one, or loves His servants. 

Al-Waliyy meaning in English: 

  • The one protecting associate
  • The one who is the protecting friend
  • The one who is supportive
  • The one who loves His servants
  • The one who is patron
  • The one who is the true protector
  • The one who gives victory
  • The one who guides mankind towards right path
  • The one who is ally                                                 
  • The one who is the loving guardian
  • The one who is sufficient for all
  • The one who lovingly guards
  • The one who protects from evil
  • The one who is true friend
  • The one adviser of good

The protector, the loving guardian: 

Allah is Al-Waliyy who is the one protector. He protects His servants that are His true believers. He is the protecting friend, the one true friend that protects from harm and difficulty. He protects His servants from evil and also keeps them away from being wrong. Al-Waliyy also gives protection and shields His believers from bad things. He is the one who gives advice like a true friend to save His friend from harm. He is the one supportive that loves His servants and keeps them protected from evil. Al-Waliyy is the protector of those who are His true believers and servants. He keeps His servants and believers away from harm and also from evil. 

Al-Waliyy is the loving guardian. He is the one who takes care of all His children. He takes care of His servants and creation. He is the loving lord that loves His servants without any reason or benefit. He is the one who guards His servants from evil or bad things. He is patron, or supportive in all ways. He is the one who gives victory by guiding His servants to the right path. 

How can you live by the name Al-Waliyy?

Allah calls Himself Al-Waliyy, on five occasions in the Quran. Try to attain the habit of protecting others from harm and keep them away from evil. 

Strive to be Allah’s wali: Try to be the wali of your lord, who is also Al-Waliyy. Make your habits good, do good actions and deeds and try to be close to your lord. When you do good deeds Allah will also like you to be His friend. He makes them His friends that follow His rules, do actions that are near to their lord and also do work for the welfare of people. He keeps them close to Himself that He pleases by their actions and deeds. 

Be a righteous friend: Be a loving friend to others, protect them from harm. Be a sincere and righteous friend that advises good to others and also keeps them away from bad deeds. Try to give them advice to walk on the right path and also go straight towards their lord. Be a good or righteous friend to others and give them advice that benefits them. 

Believe that Allah is the best ally: Always keep in mind that Allah is the best ally. He is the best of all and no one is like Him. Try to turn to Him at all times and have strong belief in your lord. Keep in mind that He is the best comforter that knows your enemies and He is also your best helper that helps you all to get out of anything. Al-Waliyy is the one full of knowledge and wisdom that is sufficient for all as a helper. 

Ask Al-Waliyy: You will always be in need of a helper that helps you at the time of need. So ask your lord for support and protection. Always make a dua to your lord about your protection and also support at all times. Ask Him to protect you from evil and from wrong deeds. 

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