Al-Wakeel meaning

Al-Wakeel meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Wakeel who is the supreme guardian, trustee and administrator. The one who takes care of all matters by giving guidance and controlling the affairs. 

Al-Wakeel meaning in English: 

  • The trustee
  • The trustworthy
  • The ultimate trustee
  • The disposer of affairs
  • The one who is the guardian
  • The one who is the administrator
  • The one who gives reward of efforts to His creation
  • The one who is to rely upon
  • The one who is the universal trustee
  • The one who can be entrusted with all affairs
  • The one who takes charge of those under His care
  • The one who provides the perfect resolution for every matter
  • The one who manages all affairs
  • The one to which all powers belongs
  • The one who controls all affairs independently
  • The one who provides His servants with everything they needed
  • The one who protects those who seek His refuge
  • The one who is the advocate

The disposer of affairs, the one to be relied upon: 

Allah is Al-Wakeel who is the disposer of all affairs. The one who sets all worldly affairs of His servants and creation. He is the one who takes care of all matters regarding His creation from bringing into existence, to guide them, controlling the affairs. He is the only one who clears all the hard paths with His wisdom and knowledge. No one except Him can set the problems of His creation and also solve them wisely. His knowledge encompasses all things and He has perfect power to control all affairs with wisdom and knowledge. Al-Wakeel is the perfect disposer of affairs that sets all affairs. He disposes everything with His knowledge, power, mercy and generosity, and disposes everything perfectly. 

Al-Wakeel is the one to be relied upon. All His creations rely upon Him and His mercy. He shows His mercy and generosity upon His creation and servants. He blesses them with His blessings and bounties. All His creations and servants see Him at all the times of need and hardships. Except Him no one can give any single thing to others. Because it is our lord’s attribute to grant others without any reason and benefit. 

How can you live by the name Al-Wakeel? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Wakeel, on 14 occasions in the Quran. Be someone on which others can trust. If there are any problems then turn towards Al-Wakeel because He is enough for everyone and anything. 

Train yourself to trust Al-Wakeel: If you reach a time when there are all around problems and you don’t find a solution to those problems then call your lord to help you or get you out of it. Call Him alone at the time of hardship and problems, and He will help you get out of it with His wisdom and generosity. Train yourself to trust Allah Al-Wakeel and all your matters are solved. 

Have trust and work hard: Always have trust in your lord, in worldly affairs or in others, trust Him alone. When you have strong belief in your lord and you trust Him strongly then He will reward you in dealing with these difficulties and problems. Trust strongly and work hard. Always work hard to make yourself able to reach the positions that are set by your lord.

Don’t be anxious about the future: Don’t be worried or depressed about your future and your children’s future. Don’t fear your enemy, never worry about your and your children’s future. Always trust Al-Wakeel because He is the one who manages all affairs of yours and also gives you everything at the fixed time and place. So don’t try to adapt to any wrong path that will bring you towards hell and wrong path. 

Be someone others can trust and rely upon: Try to make yourself the one on which someone trusts and relies upon. Make your habits good and also have strong faith because having this you may become someone on which others can trust. Don’t tell a lie to anyone about anyone. Be pure and innocent on your own and you will become a beloved person by your lord. 

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