Al-Wahhab meaning

Al-Wahhab meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Wahhab who is the supreme bestower. He is the most generous who gives us everything without any calculation. He blesses all His creations whether deserving or undeserving.

Al-Wahhab meaning in English:

  • The great giver
  • The one who is the supreme majestic
  • The one who is the bestower
  • The one who showers His blessings
  • The one who grants strength, guidance and health
  • The most generous
  • The one who grants His favors and graces
  • The granter of bounties without any measurement
  • The one who is the giver of everything without any purpose and reward
  • The giver of gifts
  • The one who gives everything freely or endlessly
  • The one who is the most liberal bestower

The great giver, The supreme bestower:

Al-Wahhab is Allah’s great name which means that He is the great giver, the bestower of all His blessings and bounties to all His creation and His believers.He always gives His servants His countless bounties without any purpose or any benefit. 

Al-Wahhab opens all the gates of goodness for His creatures and blesses them with what they never expect nor have thought about it. He is the one who is the provider of safety, guidance, wellbeing, wealth and tranquillity. He is the supreme bestower of all who always gives everything to His servants without any interest and benefit. He embraces His generosity, Kindness and favors to His servants, believers as well as disbelievers. He has the treasures of all the earth and heavens, whose mercy and favors over all His servants.

How can you live by the name Al-Wahhab?

Allah called himself Al-Wahhaab, on three occasions in the Quran. Al-Wahhaab is the great giver, The supreme bestower who is very kind and generous to all.

Thankful to Al-Wahhab: When someone gives you a gift then you thank him or her, So what about the one who is the giver of all gifts. Then there is a difference between a true believer or a disbeliever that, when Al-Wahhaab gives a gift to His creation then the one who is His true believer knows that from where these gifts are and then he thanked His lord. But the disbeliever is like that he uses all His gifts but never thanked Him. So always be a true believer and thank your lord for all the gifts. Always be thankful to the maker of everything.

Use the gifts of Al-Wahhab in the right path: As Al-Wahhaab gives you gifts, then always try to use those gifts in the right path. As Allah has granted us the favour of modern technology. Then we should use this technology in the right way or use it in good manner, not waste time but use it for sharing our little knowledge with others. Share your gifts with others and use them in the right way.

Consider what Al-Wahhab has given you: Firstly look at yourself at how completed He has created you, look at your existence. Then have a look at the things or blessings that are in your surroundings. Water, air, rivers, colours or many other things that are given by nature to you as gifts and you should enjoy them. Al-Wahhab has given you unlimited things that are countless and unlimited. So always consider the gifts Al-Wahhab has given you and thank Him.

Ask Al-Wahhab: Al-Wahhab is Allah’s name which means the giver of everything. So always remember your lord and also ask Him for everything you want in your life. Make a dua and ask Him. Ask Him for His mercy, love, kindness and His countless bounties for you or also for others.

Don’t praise yourself: Look at your blessings but don’t praise yourself for all these things in your life but always thank Allah for your blessings. Don’t say that you have made everything but remember that Al-Wahhab has given you on His will. He gives you those blessings because He wants to give it to you. So never praise yourself for actually a single thing in your life and always be grateful to your lord.


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