Al-Wadud meaning

Al-Wadud meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Wadud who is most loving and most affectionate. He is the one faithful to His creation and the servants and shows them His love. 

Al-Wadud meaning in English: 

  • The one most loving 
  • The one who is most affectionate
  • The most beloved
  • The one who is faithful to His servants
  • The one fulfil all desires of His servants
  • The one who shows them His pure love
  • The one who is the singular source of kindness
  • The one who loves His believing creation
  • The one whose servants adore Him
  • The one who is the only source of affection
  • The one whose love is long lasting
  • The one who does best for us
  • The one who is the forgiving
  • The one who deserves all love and affection
  • The one who is noble and pure 

The most loving, the one beloved: 

Allah is Al-Wadud who is most loving. His love is the purest love for those who have strong faith in Him. He shows His love by giving blessings and bounties to His servants. He is the only one source of love and kindness towards His servants that trust Him blindly and faithfully. He is the one who loves His believing servants and His servants adore Him. His love is intense and lasting, and He is the one deserving of all love. Even He does need us anyway but He wishes best for us. He has some special form of love for righteous servants who love Him because of His perfect and accurate knowledge and His readiness for forgiveness. His act of loving is through giving many more to His servants. 

Al-Wadud is the only one who is beloved. His attributes are that they are loved or affectionated by all His creation or servants. He is most beloved to His servants that know His blessings, that know His knowledge of perfection and accuracy. As Al-Wadud loves His servants, He is also beloved to them. They love their lord by praising Him and by also thanking Him for all His blessings and bounties. By following His rules because He is the beloved lord who is most merciful and kind to His creation. 

How can you live by the name Al-Wadud?

Allah calls Himself Al-Wadud, on two occasions in the Quran. Seek happiness and pleasure from Al-Wadud, so you love His special love and affection and show love and affection to His servants.

Love Al-Wadud above everything and anything: In the Quran, Allah says His servants love Him and His Messenger. When a servant who is a true believer of Al-Wadud then He knows His attribute of love and affection. Whenever He has knowledge about love then He loves His lord who has created this feeling. When you love someone then you listen to all his speaking and also love to fulfil them. So love your lord because He is one who deserves loving. 

Have a close relation with Al-Wadud: Allah wants you to turn to Him at any time or in any condition. When He gives them any problem then He wants His servant to come to Him and ask Him. When His servant asks Him He likes his asking and grants him his desire and makes them peaceful and comfortable. All this situation makes a good relation between your lord and a servant. So a habit that when any problem arrives then you ask Him only because He likes your asking. 

Love for others what you love for yourself: When you buy something and you love it and you have to buy something for others then buy this that you like for yourself. If someone is married but you find someone then get jealous, because your lord thinks something is better for you. Have a strong belief in your lord because He is the only one who knows you internally and externally. When you think good for others then He will think good for yourself. Treat others in the way you want to treat yourself. 

Let your love be for the sake of Al-Wadud: When you love someone then love and treat them for the sake of your lord. When you love someone for your lord then don’t think about what people think about you but think about whether it is acceptable by your lord or not. Love others for the sake of your lord then He loves you and you will be happy. 

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