Al-Waasi meaning

Al-Waasi meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Waasi who is all encompassing. He is the one who’s knowledge and mercy are vast. He is the one boundless.

Al-Waasi meaning in English: 

  • The one all encompassing
  • The one who is boundless
  • The one who is all embracing
  • The one who is vast
  • The one who has unlimited knowledge and mercy
  • The one who has limitless capacity
  • The one who gives everything without expecting anything
  • The one who embraces all things
  • The one whose wisdom is boundless
  •  The one all sufficient
  • The one all pervading
  • The one whose provision is sufficient for all of His creation
  • The one who fulfil all needs
  • The one who is omnipresent
  • The one whose domain is endless

The all sufficient, the bountiful: 

Allah is Al-Waasi who is sufficient for all His creation. He is the one who has vast knowledge, mercy and wisdom. He is complete in His knowledge and attributes. He is the one who has unlimited capacity and abundance and gives everything without anything from others. Al-Waasi embraces everything and His wisdom and mercy are boundless. He is the one who is sufficient and enough for everything and anything. He can do everything on His own and doesn’t need help from anyone. He is the one who encompasses all things by His knowledge and wisdom. He is sufficient in the sense that His creation needs no one for help, because He is always there for help and problem solving. He is the one whose domain is endless and one whose authority never ends. 

Al-Waasi is the one who bestows gifts and favors in a vast and abundant manner. He is bountiful in all manners. He bestows His blessings and bounties on His servants. He gives more precious gifts to those who are His true believers and servants or that are close to Him. He is vast in everything, in giving as well as forgiving. As He gives His servants, He also forgives them when they want forgiveness and ask Him. He likes the one who asks Him and wants Him to forgive them. 

How can you live by the name Al-Waasi? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Waasi, on nine occasions in the Quran. Show your kindness and have good treatment of the servants of Al-Waasi and listen to the request of those who ask you. 

Contemplate Al-Waasi’s kingdom: His kingdom surrounds everything that we see or not. To appreciate the unlimited blessings of Al-Waasi, look at His creation. Look at the sky, galaxies, earth, sun, moon, their balance and the perfection in all these things. When we have a look at these things then we realize how beautifully He created this whole universe and also perfectly manages all this. 

Increase in praising Al-Waasi: Everything that is connected to Al-Waasi is perfect and immense. He is the only one whose attributes are immense and huge. Praise Him as He deserves appreciating, and remember Him as much as we can. When we remember Him it is also a way to praise or appreciate Him. Remind yourself of His attributes of greatness and increase His dikr. 

Be aware of your actions: Allah is everywhere in the east or the west. So whenever you turn, you see Him. Indeed, He is all knowing and encompassing. He knows everything in this world, in the whole universe or all over. He hears, sees and knows everything, He knows all our actions and deeds. So be aware of your actions while doing them, that Al-Waasi is watching you every time.

Ask Al-Waasi: Allah is Al-Waasi who encompasses everything, knows everything and there is nothing that He can’t do or can’t know. So, when you are in a problem, any difficulty then ask Him to let you out of it. He is your merciful lord and helps you in all the conditions

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