Al-Waajid meaning

Al-Waajid meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Waajid who is the most resourceful and doesn’t need any help and doesn’t lack anything. He finds everything He wills. 

Al-Waajid meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the resourceful
  • The one who is the perceiver
  • The one who is the unfailing
  • The one who is the finder of everything
  • The one who doesn’t lack anything
  • The one who doesn’t need anything
  • The one who finds everything He wills
  • The one who helps His creation
  • The one who is all aware
  • The one whose existence is absolute
  • The pointing one
  • The one who is rich and never poor
  • The one who discovered and obtained everything
  • The one who possesses everything
  • The one who can’t accomplish anything He wants

The resourceful, the finder of everything: 

Allah is Al-Waajid who is the resourceful lord. He is the one who feeds others through His resources. He helps His creation by His resources and through His blessings. He is the one ultimate lord who is absolute and complete in His attributes of giving. He always gives everything to others, but doesn’t need anyone to depend on. All His creation depends on His blessings and the resources of living in this world or the world hereafter. He is the one who knows what His creation needs at what time and situation. He helps His creation or takes care of them. He helps them get out of the problems and hardships by using His resources. He is the one who discovered or obtained everything on His own and doesn’t need anyone. 

Al-Waajid is the finder of everything. It doesn’t mean that He lost something and then He found it. This concept is totally wrong, as He doesn’t lose anything. It is like He found someone astray and guided him for the right path. He found some poor and made him rich or wealthy. He found someone calling upon Him, and helped him in his problem. He found someone in trouble and relieved him from that problem. So He is the one who finds you in trouble and helps you to get out of it. 

How can you live by the name Al-Waajid? 

Al-Waajid is the great finder, so call upon Him for your every need and everything. Call upon Him for His blessings on you and in your surroundings. 

Call upon Al-Waajid: Al-Waajid is the one who is the finder of everything. He wants His servants to be called upon by them. Call upon Al-Waajid when you are stuck in a problem, when you need money, when you lose your path, call upon Him. When you call Him He may relieve you from the trouble, He made you rich, He may guide you on the right path. 

Value His resources: Al-Waajid is the lord who is resourceful. He gives His resources to His servants, whenever they need them or not. He is the absolute giver, who gives you everything from His resources. So whenever He grants you His blessings, then value these blessings and never use them for the wrong purpose. Use His blessings in the way He wants to be used. 

Share His blessings: Al-Waajid is the giver of everything to His creation. He gives everything to everyone but at a fixed time. So whenever He grants or gives His blessings to His one servant then He tells them to share it with others. He wants His servants to share their resources of living with others. Never waste your blessings, but use them by sharing with others. 

Ask Al-Waajid: Always Ask Al-Waajid for His blessings and bounties. He is the one finder of everything and found everything and everyone in every situation. Ask Him to help you or when find you in the wrong deed then give you guidance. Ask Him to help you get out of every problem and trouble. 

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