Al-Tawwab meaning

Al-Tawwab meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Tawwab who is the one acceptor of our return. He is the one who beckons for our return. The one who repeatedly turns mankind towards repentance. 

Al-Tawwab meaning in English: 

  • The acceptor of repentance
  • The one who is the ever-pardoning
  • The one who is the acceptor of our return
  • The one ever-relenting
  • The one beckons for our return
  • The one who turns mankind towards repentance
  • The one who is lenient
  • The one who restores grace to those who repent
  • The one who forgives those who seek forgiveness
  • The one who accepts His servants repentance
  • The one who enables His people to repent
  • The one who warns His creation for their sins
  • The one who accept the apologies of all
  • The one who forgives the sins
  • The one who reveals some of His deterrents
  • The one who originates all means of repentance

The acceptor of our return, the forgiver: 

Allah is Al-Tawwab who is the acceptor of our return. When we do a sin, but when we realize it and return to Him then He accepts our return to Him. He never says no to us. He accepted the return of those with a true firm to never do that again. He is the one who restores grace to those who repent. He is the acceptor of repentance. He is the one who beckons for our return. He repeatedly turns His mankind towards repentance. He is the most lenient who restores grace and power to those who repent and turn towards Him. He accepts the apologies of all criminals, all bad people when they apologize with pure heart. He is ever-relenting and ever-pardoning. 

Al-Tawwab is the one forgiver. He forgives all His servants, when they come to Him. He forgives those who seek forgiveness from Him. He is the one forgiving and the most merciful lord. He forgives His creation with His mercy and kindness. He forgives everyone, no matter what kind of sin they commit, but only to those to want His forgiveness. 

How can you live by the name Al-Tawwab? 

Always know that Al-Tawwab is the forgiver. Ask Him for your forgiveness. Strive to turn to Him in any situation and always remember that He is the acceptor of your return to Him. 

Turn to Him: Human beings are like those who can commit sin, but the main thing is that they realize it. When you commit a sin and think that a bad deed is done by you, then turn towards Al-Tawwab. Al-Twwab will accept your return. Return to Him with a clean and pure heart. He is the one who knows your all intentions and thoughts, so return to Him with the promise that you never commit that sin again in your life. 

Ask Him for forgiveness: In our life we have done a lot of sins that are actually unlimited and uncountable by us. Our lord is the most great and high in His attributes. One of His attributes is that He is the forgiver. So ask Him for your forgiveness always and never forget that thing. When you ask Him for forgiveness in this world then the path for the world hereafter also becomes easy for you. 

Know His signs: When in this world the limit of sins crosses its limit, then our lord tells us with some of His signs that make yourself good. He warns us to repent or walk on the right path. He tells us with some of His signs that you are going in the wrong path. He tells us that this is not your path, you are going wrong. So understand His signs and also turn to Him, because the time must be limited and may cross away. 

Be grateful to Him: Al-Tawwab is the grateful lord that showers all His blessings on His creation. He is the one who gives us limits, He may accept our apology after our sin. He says turn to me and I will accept your return. Be grateful to your lord because of His kindness and mercy on you. Always be grateful and thankful to Him for your forgiveness. 

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