Al-Quddoos meaning

Al-Quddoos meaning or explanation in English

   Allah is Al-Quddoos who is the most holy in His actions and attributes. He is the most pure who has the all perfect power and strength.

Al-Quddoos meaning in English:

  • The most holy
  • The one who is the most sacred
  • The one who is absolutely pure
  • The one clear from any imperfection
  • The one clear from any weakness and shortcomings
  • The one who is far away from any fault and error
  • The one who is all perfect
  • The one who is complete in His attributes
  • The one with complete power and strength
  • The one free from any partner and associate
  • The one with sublime attributes

The most holy, the one free from any imperfection: 

Allah is the most holy who is absolutely pure or perfect in His attributes. He is the one who loves His creation fully or has their blessings on them. He benefits His creation all the way He wants to be and makes them happy at all moments. Al-Quddoos is the one who does not do any injustice among any of His creations whether they do good deeds or not, He always does justice with them and blesses them always.

Al-Quddoos is the only one who is free from any imperfection or any type of fault. He is perfect in His attributes and qualities. No imperfection, fault, shortcomings and error belongs to Him. He is complete in His attributes, complete knowledge, complete mercy on His creation or many other attributes. He is with complete power or strength and provides safety or security to His creation in any way. 

Allah is Al-Quddoos in all ways as He is complete in His attributes, free from any imperfection, any error or fault and the one who is most holy or sacred.

How can you live by the name Al-Quddoos?

On two occasions in the Quran Allah called Himself Al-Quddoos. He is the only one who has all the complete attributes or qualities.

Have a pure belief in Al-Quddoos: Make sure that you believe in the oneness of your lord that He is the only one who is the creator of the whole universe and every single thing in it. Make your imaan strong on your lord that He is the one lord worth worshipping, there is no one except Him. 

Always do charity: Al-Quddoos has been granted with a lot of blessings and wealth, so always set your mind to do charity for Al-Quddoos so that your wealth becomes pure by sharing. Al-Quddoos will give you more when you share your blessings with His other creation and take care of them. As sharing is caring so share your blessings with others and this will increase not decrease in your wealth. Share those things with others that you think that you like for yourself. 

Don’t be rude to others: Allah does not do unjust things with His creation, even the weight of an atom, but people do wrong with other people. As unjust or rude is not your lord’s quality then you also avoid this bad deed and always try to be good to others. Al-Quddoos never do injustice with people and He will also believe that His creation also does not do any injustice with other people. 

Praise Al-Quddoos: Always say Alhamdulillah and SubhanAllah in every situation of your life, because these words can change your fate. When you say these words from the bottom of your heart then Your lord knows that my man has complete belief in myself and I will bless him with my blessings. Always praise your lord because He is worth praising. By your praising He will bless you more and you will be included in His favourite person’s list. 

Ask Al-Quddoos: Always ask your lord about anything you want in your life. He blesses you with everything, but at a fixed time when it is written in your fate. He never disappoints you but you have to ask Him day and night about your wishes and He will definitely bless you or grant you success. You have to ask Him or also show sabr in all conditions then success will be yours.

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