Al-Qayyum meaning

Al-Qayyum meaning or explanation in English

Al-Qayyum is the sustainer who is utterly free from dependence on anything or anyone. He is the one through whom all things arise. 

Al-Qayyum meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the sustainer
  • The one self-existing
  • The one who is the self-subsisting
  • The one who is free from dependence on anything
  • The one through whom all things arise
  • The one who is ever living
  • The one on which everything else existence is depended
  • The one by which all things subsist
  • The one who protects
  • The one who oversees
  • The one who preserves or manages all that exists
  • The one who feeds not fed
  • The one who needs no drink and food at all
  • The one who is free of all needs from all the creation
  • The one who remains always and never ends
  • The one who is the foundation of all existence
  • The one eternal
  • The one who maintain every soul
  • The one who never perishes
  • The one who is the guardian

The all sustaining, the self-existing: 

Allah is Al-Qayyum who is the all sustaining lord. He sustains everything on its own and doesn’t need the help or support of anyone. He is utterly free from dependence on anything or anyone. He is the one through whom all things arise. He is self sustaining or ever living. He is established on His own and by whom all things sustain. He is the one who sustains, oversees or protects everything, by managing, providing all that exists. He is the one who feeds everyone, but not fed. He doesn’t need any food or drink and is absolutely free of any needs from all the creation. He sustains everything as everything depends on Him for maintenance and He is completely free from all dependence on others, but others depend on Him alone. He disposes or manages the affairs of all His creation on earth and heavens. He is the ever-living, the one who sustains, gives life and reforms it. 

Al-Qayyum is the one self-existing. He is the one ever-living. He is the foundation upon which all things exist and also established Himself on His own. Al-Qayyum signifying the attributes of self-existing life. The origin and existence of all things is through Al-Qayyum. He has all the perfect attributes of life, and He is all perfect and complete, no weakness or imperfection belongs to His life. 

How can you live by the name Al-Qayyum? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Qayyum, on three occasions in the Quran. Depend upon your lord and always call Him. Please Him by helping the needy and poor. 

Establish salah: Al-Qayyum loves His servants when they establish salah and also when they pray salah on time. Allah instructs many times in the Quran to establish salah and also pray on time. So to attain His blessings and bounties, please Him by praying and also by establishing salah. Do focus on your praying in a week and also see the difference between your now and previous emaan. Pray on time, stand up for salah when your lord calls upon you. 

Humble yourself: We are totally dependent on our lord. When we are born we depend on our parents for our feeding, for clothing, we even could not sit by ourselves. We have not even a single point to be arrogant and rude to others. Humble yourself by maintaining our behaviour or also by having good behaviour with others. Even when you feel strong then also at that time remember that you are dependent on your lord, Allah Al-Qayyum. 

Help in the cause of islam: Al-Qayyum doesn’t need anyone for help or support, but He grants strength and power to His servants so that they may use it to spread islam and their religion. When He grants you power then He wants you to use it in His path and use it to spread islam. Also ask Him to grant you power so that you may help in His works and in spreading His religion. 

Think about the day of standing: We will surely stand before Allah on the day of judgement and answer Him what He asks us. When we are face to face, there will be no screen between us and Him. Daily remember yourself about that day, about His questions and also try to always search for the answers of His questions. 

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