Al-Qawiyy meaning

Al-Qawiyy meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Qawiyy who is the one who commands all power and strength. He is the one who is beyond all weakness and faults. 

Al-Qawiyy meaning in English: 

  • The all strong
  • The one who has perfect power
  • The one with inexhaustible strength
  • The one who is the most strong
  • The one who commands all power and strength
  • The one whose strength is unlimited
  • The one who is beyond all weakness
  • The one who is supremely strong
  • The one who is dominant over everything
  • The one who has perfect might and dignity
  • The one who prevail over all creation
  • The one who is all powerful
  • The one who is the most great
  • The one who is extremely strong and powerful
  • The one has sufficient power and might

The supremely great, the perfect in strength: 

Allah is Al-Qawiyy who is most great and extremely great. He is the one strong in His attributes, dignity, power and might. Al-Qawiyy is the one whose greatness is beyond any fault or weakness. No one can beat His greatness and power. He is the one dominant over everything and sets the rules for every single thing to live a peaceful life. The one whose greatness and power prevails over everything. He is most great and utterly powerful. He is very strong, He is all great in His power and might and also perfect in everything. His greatness does not contain any measurement or limits, it is unlimited. His greatness and generosity is shown in every single thing that He blesses His creation and servant. 

Al-Qawiyy is most perfect in His strength and might. No one can beat His strength. He is the one who handles or manages the whole universe and His creation without the help of anyone else. His strength and power spread over all things and covered everything. He protects and shields His servants with His strength and power. He does all His works with His strength and power and is extremely great or perfect in His strength. His strength is sufficient for all His creations and servants. He affects everything with His strength and power which nothing can affect. 

How can you live by the name Al-Qawiyy? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Qawiyy, on nine occasions in the Quran. Always have hope in Al-Qawiyy, He needs no assistants, no army nor anyone else. Use your strength to protect islam and work for the benefit of islam and people.

Be a strong believer: As Allah knows everything and anything, so have strong belief in your lord and be a strong believer. When you know His rules and also follow them in your life then this means that you are His true believer. Have strong faith in Al-Qawiyy and be a strong believer that always believes His lord in every situation and every condition. 

Strive for justice and go against unjust: Al-Qawiyy is the one who gives justice to everyone at its fixed time. He gives strength and power also to His servants to fight for their rights. He wants His servants to strive for justice and fight against unjust. When you strive for others’ rights and justice, then Al-Qawiyy will benefit you by His justice which no one else except Him can give. So work for the benefits of others because this will also benefit you. 

Reflect the creation of Al-Qawiyy: Look at the strength of the creation of your lord. Look at the sun, its power and strength that melts anything with His heat in a very small time. Look at the moon which gives light to the whole world at a time, Reflect the power of wind which can lift up the whole village, and blow them in the air like feathers. Look at the vastness of oceans that swallow complete countries. Have a look on the greatness and vastness of your lord and praise Him always. Contemplate His signs and act upon them by obeying His commands and rules. 

Fear Al-Qawiyy: Always have fear of your lord, never go against your lord, follow His commands. Fear Him because He is the most strong and supremely great in His attributes. He knows everything, so fear Him always and live your life according to the accommodations of your lord. Please your lord and never do anything that will cause anger to Him. 

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