Al-Qahhar meaning

Al-Qahhar meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Qahhar who is dominant over everything. He is the perfect master and is able to do everything. Al-Qahhar is the ever dominating over all His creation. He has set all laws and the whole universe follows all His laws.

Al-Qahhar meaning in English:

  • The one who is dominant
  • The one who prevails over all creation
  • The master of the whole universe
  • The one who is the subduer
  • The one who is irresistible
  • The one who has infinite power and dominance
  • The one who is victorious over all opposition
  • The one who is vanquisher
  • The one who is able to prevent anyone
  • The one who is fair over all creation

The ever-dominating, the conqueror, the subduer:

Al-Qahhar is dominant over everything in the whole universe or the things in its surroundings. He over power, overcomes every single thing with His majestic strength and power.

All His creations, earth, skies, animals, plants etc all obey Him or His law. Al-Qahhar gives us the choice whether we come to Him willingly or He’ll make us come anyway to Him. Al-Qahhar is the one from which nothing is hidden, He knows everything and He is the one whose kingdom is on the day of judgement. On the day of judgement He is Al-Qahhar who tells us about our deeds and gives us decisions.

He is the conqueror of everything the whole universe is conquered by Him and there is no one that opposes Him. Everything is under the control of Al-Qahhar and He makes everything under the rule of the universe.

How can you live by the name Al-Qahhar?

Allah calls Himself Al-Qahhar, on six occasions in the Holy Quran. Al-Qahhar is the one to whom the whole creation surrenders and the one who prevails over all.

Be good to Al-Qahhar creation: Always try to be good to the creation of your lord and never do any unfair or injustice to them. Whenever you are oppressing anyone then remind yourself of Al-Qahhar to be good, fair to others at all times. Always remember the goodness of your lord and His treatment with His creation. Then you will be motivated to treat people well.

 Surrender yourself:Submit yourself to the lord of the whole universe or the worlds. Surrender your heart, your words, your senses,your limbs, our speech to Him to use them to do good deeds. Don’t surrender yourself  to your desires, but surrender yourself to Al-Qahhar willingly. 

Consider how Al-Qahhar expresses His will: Teach your children about the stories of the Quran and your only lord who is Al-Qahhar. Consider how all these things are fixed, consider the effect of His will all around you like sea, wind, gravity,water, fire etc. Think about how at one time the sea or wind are deadly and at other times beautiful or calm.

Ask Al-Qahhar: There is no one who has the right of worship except Allah, the one Al-Qahhar who is the lord of heavens and earths and everything between them. Always pray to your lord to be of those who bow to Al-Qahhar in islam. Pray to be good to the weak one, do good deeds, abandon all sins and also consider your powers.

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