Al-Qabid meaning

Al-Qabid meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Qabid who is the withholder or make it scarce. He is the one who holds all hearts in His hands. He is the one who knows when to withhold and when to give something.

Al-Qabid meaning in English:

  • The restricting one
  • The constrictor
  • The one who is the restrainer
  • The one who is the with holder
  • The one who makes everyone rich or poor
  • The one who is the taker of all souls at the time of death
  • The one who constricts sustenance
  • The one who contracts or expands when it is good
  • The one who have absolute ownership 
  • The one who contracts the hearts
  • The one who grasps

The restricting one, the constrictor: 

Allah is Al-Qabid who is the constrictor of everything He wills to be. He is the one who is the knower of everything and knows what is good for His creation or what is not. If Allah decreases something for you then this means that He withholds it and gives you if it is good for you and if it is written in your fate. Then He will definitely give you at the time it is written for you. 

He is the one who is the restrictor who restricts everything and wants us to also follow His restrictions then He will definitely give you what you want. Al-Qabid is the contractor who contracts our hearts and does not expand them, if He doesn’t wills. Constriction of heart causes depression, anxiety, distress and also lack of peace and joy. By His restricting behaviour we turn to Him to find peace of our heart and to make our imaan strong.

How can you live by the name Al-Qabid?

To know how after hardships we found peace and ease in life. Think about how to strengthen our imaan. 

Know that after hardships ease comes: When you’re facing hardships or constriction from your lord then try to know that after hardships Al-Qadir also gives you ease or peace in your life or your heart. When you think good about everything then your lord will definitely give you your reward and ease will come to you after hardships. It will strengthen your imaan and make you powerful. When you have a strong faith then you will definitely know that your lord will give you relief and you will succeed.

Focus on nature: Always have a focus on nature and natural things that when your lord gives you and when He withholds it for you. When it rains all around but not at your place then think that He withholds it and whenever He wills also give it to you. It means that He withholds from someone and gives to others. Always focus on nature or know them by your experience.

Think about life and death: Allah Al-Qadir infuses soul into our bodies and gives us life, but on the other hand He takes your soul away from your body and you die. This is what Al-Qadir is who takes your life away from you. The one who restricts everything He wants to restrict for you and make everything contract for you.

Beg to Al-Qabid: When you feel that your heart has contracted your heart and empty your heart with His divine love, then turn to your lord and beg Him for the expansion of your heart and fill it with His divine love. Always dua to your lord that He may expand your heart and give you peace of heart and open your heart. 

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