Al-Muzil meaning

Al-Muzil meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Muzil who is an humiliator who humiliates the ones who do bad deeds and go against Him. He may humiliate the one whom He willed and no one can change it.

Al-Muzil meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the humiliator
  • The one who disgraces
  • The one who is the degrader
  • The one who is the dishonourer
  • The one who creates scornful situation
  • The one who is the abaser
  • The one who dishonours the one who go against Him
  • The one who gives loss
  • The one who disesteem
  • The one who does not give favour
  • The one who embarrasses
  • The one who is the lowerer

The humiliator, the dishonourer:

Al-Muzil is the humiliator who humiliates His disbelievers and lowers their position. As Allah has created all this whole universe and He has all complete power and control. So when the one from His creation goes against Him then Allah will disgrace him and embarrass him all. He humiliates His disbelievers no one except Him can change this or no one can give them respect in their lives. When a man is disgraced no one can give him honour except Him. 

Al-muzil punishes the people who cross their limits and go beyond their limits and those who do not follow the instructions set by their lord. Al-Muzil with His horrifying name reminds His creation that He is the one who degrades them whenever they cross their limits. When they do unjust things to people and disrupt the peace of others then Al-Muzil will punish them and no one can change His decision. He is the dishonourer who generates weak and disgusting conditions for the disbelievers. The one who has pride in himself and does not do good to others then Al-Muzil tells them their actual position. 

How can you live by the name Al-Muzil?

When we follow the instructions set by our lord then He will grant us success but when we go against Him then He will show this by His horrifying name Al-Muzil that He will punish us and we will do nothing.

Spread love: Spreading love is a kind of worship, as Allah loves His people then He also wants His people to love each other and also love Him. When we follow our lord’s instruction then this will lead us towards success. To gain success or a peaceful life our lord tells us to do good deeds and as a result we become His beloved people and come under His protection. 

Don’t be proud of yourself: When we gain success in our life and consider ourselves for this success then you become proud of yourself. Because all our success and our disgrace is in our lord’s hand and whenever He wants Give us success. So always be thankful to Allah for all the blessings in your life and never be proud of yourself. Always say that it is all Allah’s blessings that we gain this position in our life. We are not worthy to be proud of but thank Allah for all this and you will achieve more success and victory. 

Praise Al-Muzil: Al-Muzil is worth praising, because He is our lord who has all the powers to do something or not. He is the one who has the power of giving grace and disgrace and making someone precious or someone lower rank. When we praise Him then He will definitely reward us and make us more spiritually strong and powerful. 

Ask Al-Muzil: Always ask Al-Muzil in all our hard and difficult times, because He gives us hardship so that we turn to Him and ask Him for help. So whenever we have some difficulty then go to Him and He will surely guide us to the right path and tell us the solution to solve the problem. He will surely be happy for you and also definitely give us our reward in any sense.

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