Al-Mutakabbir meaning

Al-Mutakabbir meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Mutakabbir who is dominant over everything, He is the all great. He is excellent and magnificent who has power over everything, over His creation. Al-Mutakabbir is unique of all, His rights, powers and qualities that others never have.

Al-Mutakabir meaning in English:

  • The one who is all great
  • The dominant one
  • The one who is proud
  • The supreme 
  • The Majestic
  • The one who is tremendous
  • The one who disclose His power and authority at every moment
  • The one who is the owner of all rights
  • The one who is sublime
  • The one who is most gracious
  • The one who is pure
  • The one who is far away from any type of imperfection

The all great and the owner of all rights:

Allah is Al-Mutakabbir who is the all great and dominion over all His creation and His believers. He is the one who is pure and perfect in His attributes. He has the powers and rights that others never have and He is the king of this whole universe and creations.He is the Almighty and has glory in Himself.

Allah Al-Mutakabbir is the one who is tremendous, supreme and majestic in His qualities and has great power.Pride only belongs to Allah and we should always remind ourselves that it is the quality of Al-Mutakabbir and does not belong to His creation.

How can you live by the name Al-Mutakabir?

On one occasion in the Quran Allah calls Himself Al-Mtakabbir. His qualities, mercy, wisdom,power, knowledge and all others are all endless.

Conflict arrogance: Don’t get arrogant about your beauty, grace, wealth, health etc because all these are Al-Mutakabbir Allah’s giving things and as He has given it to you, He may take it away from you. So always try to keep your heart soft and empty of pride and arrogance. Try to increase saying Alhamdulillah, it is the best way to keep yourself reminded that Allah Al-Mutakabbir is the creator of the world and He is the one who gives you everything and in this way you may avoid arrogance and pride.

Be good by being gentle: Always show humility to your Lord, because it is the highest level of greatness and goodness. Only the one who has understanding will take heed while others never take heed. Follow all the messages of Allah, Hadith and apply them in your daily life and in your dealings and don’t only follow the Hadith that suits you or in which you by yourself feel comfortable.

Respect others for Al-Mutakabbir: Don’t make people unrespectful, because of their less beauty, fame, status, wealth and also due to their skin colour. Always respect others because it makes you a better person in front of Al-mutakabbir. Lowest of Muslims is great in the sight of Allah so never let anyone feel down. So try that no one get hurted by words and actions and always respect others.

Ask Al-Mutakabbir: Always ask Allah Al-Mutakabbir for protection from evil and evil thoughts and dua to make your heart pure from arrogance and pride. Allah Al- Mutakabbir is the great, He will definitely listen to your dua and Also give you peace of heart and make your heart soft for others.

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