Al-Muta'ali meaning

Al-Muta’ali meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Muta’ali who is the one highest and exalted over all His creation. He is far beyond any thought and imagination. He is all exalted and great. 

Al-Muta’ali meaning in English: 

  • The one who is supremely exalted
  • The one who is highest one
  • The one who is self exalted
  • The one who exalted over all creation
  • The one who is all exalted
  • The one who is far beyond any imagination
  • The one who is the most great
  • The one whose loftiness is far thoughts
  • The supreme one
  • The one who is sublime
  • The one who is above everything due to His might and perfection
  • The one who is most honored
  • The one who is most high due to His greatness
  • The one who has the authority of all
  • The one clear from the attributes of creation
  • The one who is most glorified
  • The one knower of all seen and unseen
  • The one who is far beyond any limitation
  • The lofty one

The highest of all, far beyond any imagination: 

Allah is Al-Muta’ali who is the highest of all. He is the one exalted over all His creation. He is the one sublime and above everything due to His might and perfection. He is the highest and free from any impurification and any faults. His greatness and highness is without any limit, exceeds any limit. He is the one most glorified, most high due to His greatness. He is very high all above His creation. He is the most honored and glorified lord, who is most high in everything. He is high in His attributes and qualities and far away from the attributes of creation. He is the one dominant over everything and everything is beyond His greatness and His level. His attributes are all higher than the thoughts and imagination of His creation. He is high in His rank and most high in His authority. He is supremely exalted, which nobody reaches besides Him. 

Al-Muta’ali is the one far beyond any imagination and thoughts. He is far away from the thoughts His creation and servants have. No one can compete with His highness and greatness in any way. Human mind is too narrow to understand His greatness. His highness is far away from any faults and imperfections. His highness lied there were no thoughts and imaginations reached. He is above being convinced by anyone’s imagination. He is above any deficiencies and any faults. 

How can you live by the name Al-Muta’ali?

Allah calls Himself Al-Muta’ali, on one occasion in the Quran. Humble yourself in heart and remember that you are the slave of Al-Muta’ali. Do good deeds and ask Him to grant you the highest rank in paradise. 

Don’t place yourself above others: Always keep in mind that you cannot do anything without the power of Al-Muta’ali, and think that everything comes from Him. The level of your taqwa and the righteous, will determine your position with Al-Muta’ali. Never place yourself above others because of those things that are given by your lord, and you have done nothing to it. Don’t be arrogant because of your wealth, looks and intelligence. 

Prioritize: Think about your daily life activities and think whether you have fit prayers in your daily life activities or not. Think that is Allah really Al-Muta’ali in your life? Do you finish your favourite TV show and then come on for your prayers or reciting the Quran. Check your daily life and see if you give priority to Al-Muta’ali. If it is not then work for it, give priority to Him and then anything else comes. Start and also end your day with the worship of your lord, who is most high and great.

Know that He is high, yet close: Sometimes you are surrounded by pressure and distress, it is because you go away from your lord. Never say that He will never forgive you, when you say this it means that you are lowering Him or His powers. Know that He is supreme above all and He knows everything. He is very close to His creatures that He knows every single bit of their thoughts, emotions, deeds and many others

Ask Al-Muta’ali: Whenever you ask your lord, ask Him for jannat-ul-firdous. Out of seven levels of paradise, it is the most high. Ask Him according to His greatness and highness. He is the most high and great in His attributes. 

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