Al-Mushi meaning

Al-Mushi meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Mushi who considers everything in this universe. He has the record of everything, or also of a very small creation. He comprehends everything and everything is under his control.

Al-Mushi meaning in English: 

  • The one who is all enumerating
  • The one who is the counter
  • The one who is the reckoner
  • The one who keeps record of everything
  • The one whose count of things is known to him
  • The one who comprehends everything
  • The one who possesses knowledge of everything
  • The one who considers all things
  • The one who knows the detail of every moment and also change
  • The one who has written record of every deed or action
  • The one who knows all type of matters
  • The one who is fully knowledgeable
  • The one who is the appraiser 
  • The one who is the accountant
  • The one who possesses comprehension

The recorder, the knowledgeable one: 

Allah is Al-Mushi who is the one recorder. He records everything, knows everything and has records in the written form. He dutied His two angels to record each and every single deed of His creation and write them to save as a record. He sets His angels to let His creation know that these two angels are getting what they are doing. One angel writes good deeds while others write bad deeds. Al-Mushi is the only one that keeps the record of all deeds and also shows this to us at the day of judgement. He records the details of every moment, every change. He is the one recorder that has records of things that are not apparent to anyone else. 

Al-Mushi is the knowledgeable one. He is the only one who comprehends everything and possesses the knowledge of everything. He sees everything, whether apparent or hidden. Nothing is hidden from Him and from His knowledge. He is the knower of everything. He is the one who doesn’t need anyone to attain the knowledge, because He is the one who shares His knowledge to others. He is the one full of knowledge and wisdom and creates everything with His knowledge. 

How can you live by the name Al-Mushi? 

Al-Mushi keeps the record of everything so keep it in your mind that He will question you. Keep yourself straight according to the path of your lord. 

Be good to others: Always do good to others. When Al-Mushi grants you power or capability to do something for the welfare of others, then go on for it. Achieve the goal of your life by helping and doing good to others. Be positive and put all your efforts into doing good in your life. Do what you consider to benefit others. 

Know that all your deeds are recorded: Remember one thing always that Al-Mushi is the recorder of everything. He records each and every single move of yours. So when you are on the way to commit a sin then remember one thing that it is recorded and keep as a record to your lord. So keep it in your mind and then you will definitely go on for a good deed

Gain more knowledge: Al-Mushi is the one most knowledgeable and the one who possesses knowledge and wisdom. Try to gain more and more knowledge of everything, especially about your religion, your lord. If you have knowledge of one thing then try to increase your knowledge by reading, listening and seeing. Make a habit to recite the Quran daily, because by reciting this holy book you may gain a lot of knowledge that no one gives you at all. 

Ask Al-Mushi: Ask your lord about your deeds, about knowledge. Ask Him to have an increase in your knowledge by His mercy and generosity. When you ask Him He may grant you. Ask Him about your deeds and actions and make a dua to Him to keep you on the right path. 

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