Al-Muqtadir meaning

Al-Muqtadir meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Muqtadir who is all powerful, has absolute strength and mastery. He is the one dominant over everything and is dominion. 

Al-Muqtadir meaning in English: 

  • The one all powerful
  • The one who is the determiner
  • The one who is dominant over everything
  • The one who is the enforcer
  • The one who has absolute strength
  • The one with complete mastery
  • The one to which nothing is beyond His powers
  • The one who delivers a suitable measure of all things
  • The one who is the omnipotent
  • The one whose might is great
  • The one who controls all His creation
  • The one who subdues everything
  • The one to which everyone is in His domain
  • The one capable of everything
  • The one who measures everything with perfection
  • The one who decrees or ordain
  • The one who is the prevailing ordainer
  • The one who is the powerful determiner
  • The one has the ability or power to decide everything
  • The one who encompasses all His creation
  • The one who manages all the affairs

The omnipotent, The all determining: 

Allah is Al-Muqtadir who is the one omnipotent and the creator of the whole universe. He is the one to which nothing is beyond His powers. He is the one with absolute powers and mastery. He is dominant over everything and everyone, and no one can beat with His powers and strength. He is the one who decides or manages all affairs according to His wisdom and no one can change His decision or will. He is great in His might and power and controls all His creation. He is the creator and creates this universe alone with His knowledge and wisdom. He has the ability to do everything He wills to be. He is the one whose power enforces all decree, and His decree prevails in every situation and time. He is the one with power and ability to decide the outcome of all matters. 

Al-Muqtadir is the all-determining. He is the one who determines the suitable measure of all things. He is the powerful determiner who determines everything using His wisdom. He controls everything through His might and power and encompasses all His creation. He is the one who manages all the affairs and grants His creation serenity and security. 

How can you live by the name Al-Muqtadir? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Muqtadir, on two occasions in the Quran. Always ask Al-Muqtadir for everything, because all affairs are in His hands. Trust in your lord, have hope and never blame your decree for your bad deeds or mistakes. 

Practise your belief: When you are in a situation that some fatal disease is diagnosed to you. Then at that moment or in that situation think that your lord is able to do everything. When you have this type of thinking then this means that you have a strong belief in your lord. Always be strong in your belief in Al-Muqtadir that He is capable of doing everything. He will also give you the solution to solve that problem or also get you out of that trouble. Practise your belief in every single moment of your life and make it even more stronger. 

Be grateful for the hidden blessings: Al-Muqtadir do everything according to His will. He gives all His blessings to His servants at everything. Sometimes He gives the blessings to us that are hidden to us and we don’t even have knowledge about it. Always be thankful to Him for all the blessings either apparent and hidden. Sow your lord that you are always grateful to Him in every situation of your life and also thankful to Him for His blessings. 

Value the importance of peace of mind: The decree of Al-Muqtadir controls our daily life and it comes from His perfect knowledge and wisdom. Always think about everything He gives to you. Find peace of mind and heart in everything, in His blessings. He gives money, wealth, power, strength, health and many other things, but gives peace to only His believers. So while making every choice everyday remember Al-Muqtadir. 

Never think you can depend on your own powers: When you have success in any field of your life, never think that this success is because of yourself, but think that Al-Muqtadir has made it for me. When you blink your eyes Al-Muqtadir will help you, if He doesn’t help you then you won’t be able to do this without His will. Always think in every situation that all this is because of Al-Muqtadir. Never credit yourself because the truth is that you are not capable of doing anything. 

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