Al-Muqsit meaning

Al-Muqsit meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Muqsit who is most fair and equitable. He is the just one who provides rewards beyond measure for any good. 

Al-Muqsit meaning in English: 

  • The one who is just
  • The one who is equitable
  • The one who is most fair
  • The one who rewards for good
  • The one who is requiter
  • The one who is the redresser
  • The one who leads towards harmony
  • The one who give justice
  • The one who creates balance
  • The one who is fairest
  • The one who appreciates
  • The one most honoured
  • The one who guides towards good
  • The one who establishes justice

The most fair, Rewarder of good:  

Allah is Al-Muqsit who is the most fair and just towards all His creation fully. He treats everyone equally and keeps balance between everything. He leads mankind to justice and harmony. He is most equitable and just to all. He is the fairest and the one who gives the right path to His creation. He never does injustice to anyone and always maintains a balance between everyone. He guides people towards righteousness and also towards peace. He is equitable in all His decisions and decree and always just to others. He brings about justice and comes to the rescue of the oppressed. He is all perfect and fair in His doing.

He is the rewarder of good. He rewards His creation by many means, by granting them many blessings and showering His blessings and bounties on His creation.  He rewards someone by glory and gives them more honour in spite of their good deed and action. Beyond measure, He appreciates and honours the good. He gives rewards to His creation by leading them towards justice and harmony. He promises to reward people when they do some good deed and rewards them better than they think. He is the best rewarder than any other. 

How can you live by the name Al-Muqsit?

Be humble and good to others in every situation. Never be arrogant and rude to others and behave well with others. Share your blessings with others and make them happy. 

Always be equitable: In our life there are many situations when we feel that we are having an exam. We have to make a decision between two parties and at that time we don’t understand what we have to do. So when that type of situation arrives we have to think about the attributes of our lord, Al-Muqsit. We have to keep in mind the equitable attribute of our lord and decide according to that vision. Always be equitable and behave everyone equally and good. 

Be good to others: Always do good with others. Never think that someone is lower to you in his rank or position, but behave everyone equally. Be good to everyone, even your servant. Never be rude and arrogant to the people lower to you. Respect your elders and love your younger ones. Behaving good with others is a good habit and it is appreciated by your lord. So do good to others to have good results. 

Appreciate others: There are many people around you, everyone does so many good works. So when you see someone doing good, then appreciate them for that action. When someone is good with neighbours, with the poor people around them and with other people unable to do their work, so appreciates that type of people so that they may get courage to help many others. Appreciate or also learn from them the way of behaving with others. 

Do justice among people: If Al-Muqsit has granted you with the honour of doing justice among people then decide everything among them with justice. Never decide anything on the basis of their power, but decide with justice do justice among them. Be just to others and always make decisions in the favour of one who is right and never go with the bad people.

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