Al-Muqeet meaning

Al-Muqeet meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Muqeet who is the one who nourishes or preserves all. He is the sustainer who gives strength or maintains all that exists. 

Al-Muqeet meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the nourisher
  • The one who is the sustainer
  • The one who gives strength and nourishment
  • The one who oversees
  • The one who is the preserver
  • The one who guards and protects
  • The one who is the omnipotent
  • The one who is the witness to all
  • The one who takes care of everything
  • The one who is able to do all things
  • The one who overwhelms everything
  • The one who is the most powerful
  • The one who send down provision to His creation
  • The one who monitors everything

The nourisher, the one who is able to do everything: 

Allah is Al-Muqeet who is the one nourisher who nourishes everything to His creation. He takes care of them. Al-Muqeet is the one who is taking care of His creation by sending all kinds of physical and spiritual nourishment to them. He gives food and many other things that are necessary for the survival of mankind. He blesses His creation with a lot of things. He provides them with sources for their nourishment and feeding purpose. He has created a lot of things so that His creation may take advantage of them and may get benefits. He is the one who guards and protects all His creation and universe. 

He is the one who is able to do everything and anything. He is the most powerful and has the strength to do everything. He is the one who overcomes or overwhelms over all and is dominant. He has the power to do anything. Al-Muqeet is alone, capable and acknowledging to do anything. He doesn’t need anyone to do anything. He is the one who keeps us alive and also has the power to put an end to our lives. He is able to do everything that no one except Him can do. 

How can you live by the name Al-Muqeet?

Allah calls Himself Al-Muqeet, on one occasion in the Quran. Have hope and fear in His power to preserve your good and bad deeds and actions and also seek His help to solve your problems.

Recognize Al-Muqeet in every sustenance: When Al-Muqeet grants you food to remove your hunger, then recognize Al-Muqeet in all your food that how He has created all this. Recognize his amazing grace in it that you are provided food to remove your hunger. Make it your habit and remember Him daily by recognizing Him in all things He provides you. When you do this then you may live by this name. 

Sustain others with the help of Al-Muqeet: If Al-Muqeet has given you His sustenance, nourishment and protection and if you are grateful to Him for all this, then He makes you a treasure house for His servants. He enables you to sustain others, give them knowledge and lead them to living, then Al-Muqeet will bless even more and more and you will be pleased. 

Rely on Al-Muqeet: Al-Muqeet sustains and looks after all His creation without ever getting tired. So be sure that Al-Muqeet looks after you, sustains you in all the best way. So rely on Him to provide you nourishment or protection by never seeking haram means of sustenance. 

Use your sustenance in the right way: When Al-Muqeet blesses, protect you with and give you access, so use these blessings in the way that you make your lord please and not to anger Him. Give zakah over your blessings, give Sadaqah with your time to make your wealth pure and don’t use them in inappropriate ways or things. Don’t be ungrateful and unsatisfied by His mercy and never use them in wrong things. 

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