Al-Muntaqim meaning

Al-Muntaqim meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Muntaqim who is the one who prevails over His enemies and punishes them for their sins. He is the retaliator, the swift who is just with His punishment. 

Al-Muntaqim meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the avenger
  • The one who is the inflictor of retribution
  • The one who victoriously prevails over His enemies
  • The one who is the retaliator
  • The one who is the disapprover
  • The one who punishes His enemies for their sins
  • The one who is most patient
  • The one who is the giver of justice
  • The one who is swift
  • The one who is just with His punishment
  • The one who increases the penalty of those who oppresses
  • The one who warns and alerts
  • The one who gives respite, after amending
  • The one who facilitates to getting rid of bad
  • The one who is the greatest assault
  • The one who overcomes
  • The one who intensifies His penalty against the oppressor
  • The one who reminds us that when our behaviour is not correct
  • The one who has the right of exact vengeance
  • The one who destroys His enemies
  • The one who tortures the culprit

The one avenger, the one who warns: 

Allah is Al-Muntaqim, who is the avenger. He is the one prevails over His enemies and also punishes His enemies for their sins and bad deeds. He is always just with His punishment and is swift. He never punishes the one who is on the right path, but punishes the one who goes against Him. He is the one who never takes revenge on any personal bases, but takes avenge according to the deeds of His creation. He intensifies His penalty against the oppressor and the tyrants. He splits the spines of those who deviate from His path. 

He is the one who warns all His creation about bad and evil things. He is the one who gives His people thinking to think about bad and good. He prevails over His enemies and also punishes them for their bad deeds and for their sins. He is the most patient, He warns His people with patience and also the time will come when justice must be given. He warns when people go beyond their limit and against the laws of their lord. Then He warns them by giving them some minor problem and then see if they go back on their path. He is the warner who warns and tells His people that they are going on the wrong path and also gives them a path to walk on. 

How can you live by the name Al-Muntaqim? 

Allah is Al-Muntaqim who is the most patient or also the giver of justice. Walk on the path of Al-Muntaqim by following His path and also applying His rules. 

Always just to others: Al-Muntaqim is the one giver of justice to everyone in every situation and condition. So apply this thing in your life by doing justice among people. Never make a decision in favor of one and never go against others. Be just to others in every situation. Maintain balance between people and never decide anything in favor of one near to you but do justice by hearing the points of both the parties and groups. Be just to others. 

Give others the right knowledge: If you have knowledge about anything that gives favor or that may benefit others then deliver this knowledge to others. Share your knowledge so that by knowing one thing one may be benefited and also stay away from bad deeds. Share the knowledge of your lord, because by sharing this with others Allah may also grant you more knowledge and also give you benefit. Give others the right knowledge and never convey bad things to others.

Always grateful to your lord: Al-Muntaqim has granted you with many things, many blessings. When you are on the wrong path, He first warns you, then He tells you the path that is good for you or that is His path. He tells us what is good or what is bad and then also grants us with so many blessings and bounties. So always be grateful to Him whether there is a difficult situation, never be ungrateful to Him.

Never go against Him: This entire world is created by one and only our one lord, Al-Muntaqim. He is the creator of the whole universe and also manages everything according to His will and power. Never go against Him in any situation. If you are having a problem, or you have a difficult time then ask Him to help you. Because He is the only one who surely helps you or takes you out of trouble. So always follow His instructions and never go against Him. 

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