Al-Mu’min meaning

Al-Mu’min meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Mumin who gives security and faith to His believers and the one who is fearless and also removes the fear or insecurity of His slaves and believers. Al-Mumin is the one who is alone and there is no god but Allah.

Al-Mu’min meaning in English:

  • The one who gives security and peace
  • The one who fulfil the promises
  • The guarantor
  • The one who is the giver of faith
  • The one in which His slaves have believe
  • The one who is alone, there is no god but Allah
  • The one who removes the fear
  • The one who is faithful
  • The one whose promises are always true, the affirmer of truth
  • The one who sent down messengers and revealed His books as proof
  • The provider of safety

The giver of security, faith and peace: 

Allah is Al-Mu’min, the bestower of safety or security, faith and peace. Al-Mu’min gives Amaan and also Emaan to his believers. He is the one who protects us from all types of harm and problems, gives security to His believers, and makes them feel safe and secure at all times.


               Al-Mu’min gives Amaan to His slaves, His believers. Protection from all types of problems, difficulties and also make them feel secure from them. When Allah becomes evident in His slave with His name Mu’min. He places a feeling of fear and worry with security in his heart. Thus, the feeling of security is a great blessing and bounty and evident of Allah’s name Al-Mu’min. Name Mu’min frees our heart from fear and worries and always gives His believer Amaan in every situation.

Al-Mu’min gives off a feeling of pure faith and belief in every promise of his lord. His lord is the one who fulfils all His promises at a fixed time. When the slaves have pure faith in their lord then they are His true believers and Allah will always stay with His strong believers and also give them more faith and belief. 

This name Al-Mu’min gives His slaves a feeling of peace and security. This is the same as a feeling of safety or security. When the evidence of this name is removed from our mind then the world would be like hell for us and become weak. 

How can you live by the name Al-Mu’min?

This name of Allah will make us sure of every security,safety,peace and fulfilment of every promise. Al-Mu’min always makes His promises come true.

Fulfilment of promises of Al-Mu’min: The promises of Al-Mu’min always come true and fulfilled by Him. When a person comes to Him, He will not disappoint His man and fulfil all His promises. When he promises that Sadaqah will not decrease wealth then He will always fulfil His promise. 

Strong Emaan in Allah and His Messengers: Al- Mu’min gives security on the day of judgement to His believer, when a believer has strong faith in Allah and His Messengers Allah will bless Him with strong Emaan. With this Allah will bless Him and always secure him from the problems and hurdles.

Amaan in all situations: Al-Mu’min gives Amaan to His believer in His difficult situations. Always ask Al-Mu’min for Amaan because He is the only one who gives you security, so always ask Allah for Amaan. Because Allah said in the Quran: Don’t be afraid, Allah is with you. So always pray to Allah for His support and help. 

Dua to Al-Mu’min: When you feel that your Emaan is getting weak, then make a dua to Al-Mu’min to strengthen your Emaan. In a scary situation, turn towards Al-Mu’min for safety or security. When you make a dua Al-Mu’min will always listen to you and also make it come true.


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