Al-Mujeeb meaning

Al-Mujeeb meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Mujeeb who is the responsive one. He hears all duas of His creation and answers to them. He is the one who is the answerer of the prayer. 

Al-Mujeeb meaning in English:

  • The one who is the responsive
  • The one who is the answerer of all the prayers
  • The hearkener
  • The one who is very close to His believers
  • The one who is readily available to all
  • The one who quickly answers to all
  • The one who removes the difficulties
  • The one who responds to request
  • The one who gives more than what we ask
  • The one who replies everyone
  • The one who responds to needs
  • The one who responds to an invitation
  • The one who gives hope
  • The one who gives what is best for us

The one responsive of everything:

Allah is Al-Mujeeb who is the one responsive to all. He responds to His creation and answers to all His creation. He is very close to His creation and responds to all their needs and solves their difficulties. The one who needs any help from Him, they call upon Him and ask Him about every single difficulty and work. He is the one who answers prayers and gives responses to His servants, it doesn’t matter whether He responds directly or indirectly. He gives them answers by giving them gifts and blesses them with blessings and bounties. He responds to all the questions asked by His servants. He responds to His servants immediately and gives them what is best for them. He is the one who knows everything and gives His servants what they ask for but at the fixed time when it is written in their fate. 

Al-Mujeeb is the fulfiller of the prayers. He is the one who fulfils the purpose of one’s prayers and worships. He hears and sees everything and He has majestic reasoning. When we badly need something then ask Him continuously about your need. If He thinks that it is good for us then He will grant us and give us and if He thinks it to be wrong then He delays it. So always have a strong belief in Al-Mujeeb and He will bless you.

How can you live by the name Al-Mujeeb? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Mujeeb, on one occasion in the Quran. Listen to the stories of the Quran and be inspired by the stories and strengthen your belief that He is the one who responds. 

Know the art of asking: When you ask your lord about anything that you need in your worldly affairs, then firstly ask Him about your forgiveness. Ask Him to forgive you and then ask Him for anything else. Ask Al-Mujeeb to give you everything, because He likes His servants that ask Him. Ask Him about house, food, clothing and many other worldly things that you want in your life. 

Respond to the call of Al-Mujeeb: Al-Mujeeb is close to His servants and He responds to everyone in His creation whether they are His true believers or not, He blesses everyone. He wants His servants to respond to His every call. When you share this name and its attributes then this means that you are responder to the commandments of Al-Majeeb. 

Respond to the servants of Al-Mujeeb: Be the one who actively responds to the needs of people, not of those who don’t respond to people. When Al-Mujeeb grants you strength to help others or His servants then go on and respond to His servants. When you respond to others then in return Al-Mujeeb responds to you. 

Think good of Al-Mujeeb: Al-Mujeeb delays His blessings on His creation, but He doesn’t disappoint a believer who calls upon Him. He answers your duas in different time and form that you wanted or expected. Al-Mujeeb responds to your dua, postpones it or may delay it, as He prevents the happening of bad deeds. Ask your lord but the things that are suitable for you, Ask Him for halal things. Don’t expect Him to give you haram that you want in your life, because He wants you to prevent yourself from bad.

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