Al-Mu’izz meaning

Al-Mu’izz meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Mu’izz who is the giver of honour and gives esteem to those He willed. He is the one who gives strength and power to His beloved people in His creation.

Al-Mu’izz meaning in English: 

  • The one bestower of might
  • The one who is the giver of honour
  • The one who gives esteem
  • The giver of material power
  • The honourer
  • The giver of strength and power
  • The one who is the most glorified
  • The one who grants respect
  • The one who appreciates
  • The one who honours the obedient
  • The one who is the most powerful

The giver of honour, the bestower of might:

Al- Mu’izz is the one who is the giver of honour to one who is His obedient man. Allah has all the control of all the universe or the whole world. He is the one who has the power to give honour as well as disgrace to anyone. Beside Him no one has this power to give esteem to anyone. He is the only lord who has complete power and authority over all the world. He degrades anyone He willed and no one except Him can give him honour. He gives esteem to whom He willed and no one except Him can degrade him. Al-Mu’izz is the controller or the creator who has all the power.

Al-Mu’izz is also the bestower of might, He gives power to His creation and makes them strong. Al-Mu’izz is the one who grants strength to whom He willed and always gives them high rank. He is the one who grants them more who have strong faith in Him and always shower His countless blessings on them. Al-Mu’izz is the one who is worth believing and worshipping, so always believe in your lord, because except Him no one can give you anything you want in your life.

How can you live by the name Al-Mu’izz?

Al-Mu’izz is the granter of honour and might. So we also live by this name by giving others honour and respect.

Respect others: When you respect your elders and love your younger ones then you get happy on your deeds and give you more and more strength and power to do all these deeds. Not only are your elders worth respecting but also the people around you are also worth respecting and loving. When you respect feelings and emotions of people around you then as a result your lord respects you and helps you in all your problems.

Do good for others: When you do good deeds especially for the welfare of others, then your lord might prove helpful to you and make you more powerful to do more good deeds. When you do good to others it will back to you with more good and welfare of yours, as like do good have good. When you do good to others then you surely have good. Because Al-Mu’izz is the one who gives the result of everything. 

Love your servants: We all are the servants of our lord, who has created us in all beautiful ways. He treated all His servants in the same way and had good behaviour with us. So if Allah has granted you power and strength then you should behave good with your servants and to the ones who are lower to you. Al-Mu’izz loves His servants and gives them equal rights and does justice with them. So treat your servants well and give them all the things you like for yourself. Because when you treat them well, then Al-Mu’izz will treat you well. 

Ask Al-Mu’izz: Always ask your lord in every situation of your life because when you ask Him about anything He will definitely grant you and fulfil your need. He is the one only who fulfils all our needs and grants us satisfaction in our lives and also peace of our heart. 

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