Al-Muhaymin meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Muhaymin who ensures the security and protection over His creation. He knows all the secrets, and nothing is hidden from Him. Al-Muhaymin is always watching us and knows our all good and bad deeds. Al-Muhaymin keeps His creation feel safe from every evil thing.

Al-Muhaymin meaning in English:

  • The guardian
  • The provider of security
  • The safe guarder
  • The one who sees everything
  • The protector
  • The preserver of safety
  • The one who ensures well-being
  • The one who knows every secret
  • The witness
  • The one who guards and protect His creation
  • The one who offers peace and security

The bestower of safety and protection, The overseer:

Al-Muhaymin is the one who protects, guard His creation. Al-Muhaymin is the one who extends His wings, like a hen protecting her chicks. When someone wants help Al-Muhaymin will help and support in any situation. He knows everything and has knowledge about everything. All the secrets are known by Him, He is the overseer. Al Muhaymin always watches us and knows what is good or what is bad for us. When a man asks Al-Muhaymin for help or support, He will give it to them.

He knows everything, both whether seen and hidden. No one except Allah, alone could compete, dominate over everything. There is no one who competes with Him or else has the abilities to do what He has done for us. 

Allah is the Muhaymin who protects His creation from every problem, difficulty. Allah is the best secret keeper as He knows every secret nothing is hidden from Him; He has an approach on everything and does for the goodness of every person and mankind.

How can you live by the name Al-Muhaymin?

Al-Muhaymin is the one that keeps or guards and also watches His creation and sees what they do.

Dua to Al-Muhaymin: Keep it in your mind that Allah is Al-Muhaymin that always helps you in every situation, so always ask Al-Muhaymin in every difficult situation for help and support. He will definitely protect you and make you feel secure and safe. Imagine a hen protecting her chicks and extending her wings, Allah is the creator He will support you or protect His creation in every difficult situation. Al-Muhaymin’s protection for His creation is beyond limits, so always ask Allah and will support you.

Recite the Holy Quran, the Muhaymin: Quran is the Muhaymin, so not only read it but memorize it, interact with it and apply it. The prophet (PBUH) said: Those people that fulfil the rights of the Quran are ranked high in this world or the world hereafter, but those who leave it will be put down. So, recite it and hold it and make the Quran a witness for you and not against you.

Al-Muhaymin is the overseer, be aware: Keep in mind that Al-Muhaymin is the overseer, He is watching whether you are committing a sin or doing a good deed. So always keep it in your mind, while committing a sin or doing some bad deed that Muhaymin is watching us every time. If you are mindful of Him or keep remembering Him in your actions, then he will protect you from committing sin or from harm. Al-Muhaymin is the one who is aware of your thoughts, so keep your thinking positive and good, because thoughts are more valuable than deeds, so keep your thinking positive and right.

Have strong faith in Al-Muhaymin: Always accept your decree, because what Allah has done is always best for you. When you complain to him about the bad things related to you then this shows that you don’t have strong faith in Al-Muhaymin, this weakens your Emaan and tells you that you have to strengthen your faith. Acceptance in every situation will make your faith strong and also helps you to live happily. 


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