Al-Mu'akhkhir meaning

Al-Mu’akhkhir meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Mu’akhkhir, the one who puts far away. He wisely delays or puts it back. He who holds back or postpones everything He wills. 

Al-Mu’akhkhir meaning in English:

  • The one who is the delayer
  • The one who holds back 
  • The one who puts something back
  • The one who is the postponer
  • The one who puts far away
  • The one detain unbelievers
  • The one who wisely delays
  • The one who puts off advancement
  • The one who puts something back
  • The one who causes to lag behind something
  • The one who delays the disobedient ones
  • The one who causes the protheists to lag behind
  • The one who postpones the penalty of oppressors
  • The one who holds back unbelievers on the day of judgement
  • The one who is the retarder

The one who delays, the one who holds back: 

Allah is Al-Mu’akhkhir who is the delayer. He delays something wisely using His knowledge and wisdom. He is the one who postpones and puts off advancement. He delays something to put it in its right or proper place. He is the most knowledgeable and wise lord, who knows the reality of everything and anything. So, by knowing the reality of everything He delays whatever He wants to be by using His wisdom. He is the one who puts something back and there is no power and no one who puts it forward except Him. He delays the one who is disobedient to Him and the tyrants. He doesn’t give guidance to those who don’t need it anymore. He is the one who postpones the penalty of the oppressors and the one who are His disbelievers. 

Al-Mu’akhkhir is the one who holds back. He doesn’t hold everyone back, but holds the ones who are His disbelievers. He is the one who detain His unbelievers and also the one who holds back them on the day of judgement. He puts them back and doesn’t raise their ranks. He causes them to remain behind His believers and doesn’t match the ranks of believers to disbelievers. He causes the polytheists and the oppressors to lag behind while on the other hand raises the rank of His loved ones, His believers. 

How can you live by the name Al-Mu’akhkhir? 

Learn the rules of Al-Mu’akhkhir, to know more and more about Him. When you know more about Him then you may get easy in finding what He wants from you. 

Know Al-Mu’akhkhir: When you want to be a true believer of Al-Mu’akhkhir, know more and more about Him. Read His holy book, recite it daily and know more about Him. When you know more about Him then you will be included in the loved ones of your lord. When you know Him, then also follow His rules given by Him for the peaceful life in this world and the world hereafter. 

Do what Al-Mu’akhkhir likes: When you are on the way to do some deed, then always keep in mind the powers of your lord. Know that He is watching you and always knows what you are doing and what you have done in your previous life. When you have the knowledge of your lord, then apply it in your life. Always do the deeds and actions that make Al-Mu’akhkhir pleased to you. Always do good deeds and actions and also remember your lord as always. 

Make your company good: When you are living in this world, you may live in a gathering of people always around you. So while sitting in a group of people always know their company and then sit with them. If you want to be in the loved ones of your lord, then do good deeds and actions. So for doing good actions, your company must be good and religious. Make friends that motivate you to do good deeds and also appreciate you. So always try to be in loved ones, or close servants of your lord. 

Dua to Al-Mu’akhkhir: Always dua to your lord, so that He may grant you the right path always. Pray to Him for your and other people’s guidance that are in your surrounding. Always ask Him for your record that is kept safe to Him and He will open this to you on the day of judgement. Ask Him to enter you in His mercy and give you guidance and motivate you to do good actions. 

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