Al-Mateen meaning

Al-Mateen meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Mateen who is the all firm. He is the one who can easily overcome everything through His firmness and supreme power. His power will remain the same, it is steadfast. 

Al-Mateen meaning in English: 

  • The firm one
  • The one with extreme power
  • The one who doesn’t get tired
  • The one whose power is steadfast
  • The one power remains same
  • The one who is ever constant
  • The one who is uninterrupted
  • The one who is steadfast
  • The one with great firmness
  • The one who is the owner of all strength
  • The one who overcomes everything
  • The one who is determined
  • The one who gives strength and courage
  • The one who is omnipotent
  • The one unbreakable might
  • The one who is strong and powerful
  • The one whose strength is unwavering 
  • The one who is consistent and faithful
  • The one who is perfect in His might
  • The one who can affect anything

The all firm, steadfast and determined: 

Allah is Al-Mateen who is ever firm and constant. All His decisions that He makes are firm and strong. No one can change His decisions except Him. He is the one who can affect anyone but no one can affect Him in any way. He is the one who is all great and powerful in His attributes and qualities. He can fix everything at a place where He wants to be. He is the one with unconquerable power, His nature is to be firm. All His powers are steadfast and strong. He is the one whose powers remain same, as it was yesterday will remain same for tomorrow. He is the lord with firm courage and strength. He is constant in His nature and remains the same, As He is now and tomorrow. 

Al-Mateen is one to be determined. He is determined to always do everything at any time and any place. He is the one only who overcomes everything with His firm strength and with strength of determination. He is determined to do anything and also do everything with His courage. He is the lord who is steadfast and determined in His attributes and qualities. The one who is all determined to do anything, He can do anything what He wants to do with His firm determination and power. 

How can you live by the name Al-Mateen? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Mateen, on one occasion in the Quran. Be yourself firm and steadfast in the hard and difficult times. Be determined to do anything or also to enter paradise. 

Be firm in following the right path: This attribute of Al-Mateen which is firmness is used to get inspired by Him. Follow His attributes so that you may walk on the right path. To enter the paradise or also to attain the mercies of Al-Mateen, it is important to follow His rules or attributes. So be firm in following the right path. Do good with others so that Al-Mateen grants you courage to walk more on the right path. 

Be confident in the plan of Al-Mateen: Our lord’s plan is mateen, note that no one or nothing or nothing can defeat His plan. No one can change His plan or decision anyway. So if you are His true believer or servant then be confident in your lord. Be confident that what your lord has decided for you is better than any other thing. Al-Mateen will support His ultimate believers, or grant them His blessings as long as they are sincere to Him or give them victory in all matters of their life. 

Keep close to firm people: Be close to the people that are firmly attached to the islam. When you keep your company good then Allah will grant you more and more lessons to know and learn. You know more about your religion and that people will advise you to do good. You get advice from firm people and in this way you may come close to your lord. 

Ask Al-Mateen: Dua to your lord that He may grant you steadfastness. Try to be steadfast in all your times, whether good or bad. Ask your lord to grant you courage to be steadfast in your daily life. If you are steadfast then Allah will grant you success but at a fixed time when it is written in your fate. So be patient or steadfast and you will succeed. 

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