Al-Malik meaning

Al-Malik meaning or explanation in English

Al-Malik is the king of the whole universe. The creator who has authority and power over everything and on the whole universe. He is the ruler and also, He is perfect in His ownership and in His kingdom.

Al-Malik meaning in English:

  • The king
  • Who has command on anything and everything
  • The absolute ruler
  • Perfect in his kingship
  • The one with supreme authority
  • The one who is the creator of everything that is in heaven and earth
  • The one who is superior to all
  • The king, the ruler, the owner of every single thing
  • The one who has complete knowledge and wisdom
  • The one who is Almighty and All powerful
  • The one who is not ruled by anyone
  • The sovereign possesses the attribute of Mulk: kingdom, authority and power
  • The one with complete lord

The sovereign lord, The king:

Allah Himself says, so high is Allah, the sovereign, the truth. Al Malik says that He is the lord of everything so high to everything, superior or of high authority.

On the day of judgement, the prophet (PBUH) said: Allah will grasp the earth and fold heaven in His hand and say, I am the king, where are the kings of earth? No one will speak and the kings of earth will be left with no “power”.

How can you live by the name Al-Malik?

The name of Allah Al-Malik is mentioned 5 times in the holy Quran. This name shows the perfect and complete kingship or ownership of Allah Subhaan o Tala.

Ask Al-Malik: Whenever a person feels weak or disheartened in any situation, he should tell himself that he is the part of Allah’s creation, and He is his Malik. In every situation ask your only lord because He is the one who may disappear all your problems and make you feel happy. Always remember Al-Malik, because He can make every situation possible for you. Nothing is impossible for Al-Malik.

Praise Al-Malik: If you recite this name of Allah abundantly every day after the time of mid-day immediately before Zuhr prayer, Allah will give you abundant wealth

It is actually important to say after Witr namaz:

Subhaan al-Malik al-Quddus (Glory be to the king, the most holy or pure).

Dua for Al- malik: O Allah, Al-Malik, we know that you are the only lord, king and the owner. You are the one who has command of everything, help us in following your all commands and always being on the right path. Enrich us with more patience or humility. Always guide us in all daily affairs of life and make us on the right path.

Follow the limits of Al-Malik: Allah has set some limits over every single thing, so while doing every work be in the limits which are set by nature. Keep yourself bound with the limits that are set by your king, Al-Malik, the owner and the king of every king, and keep in mind all His punishments and rewards.

Be tolerant and be the ruler in the hereafter: When a person suppresses his desires, has self-control it is its real sovereignty in this world. Don’t be a slave to money, fashion of the temporary world, always work against the bad thinking that keeps you away from Al-Malik. Always pray to Allah that gives you high desires or position because if He wants, He will give you kingdom and if He doesn’t want, He makes king slaves. It is His will and your dua what He makes in the last or in the hereafter. So always make dua with patience and depending on your deeds He will make you king hereafter.

Be fair: Always be fair in every situation of your life. It is Al-Malik quality to do justice so follow the instructions of Allah and be fair or just in every situation. Be fair to your children, your workers even to your animals also and remember that on the day of judgement you will be dealt by the king. 

Never be arrogant: Don’t be arrogant of your money, health, beauty or any other thing because all this is given to you by your lord. So never be arrogant and always feel that you are the slave of Al-Malik and nothing before Him. Don’t be even rude to the poor, to the one inferior to you. Because Al-Malik sees everything, and He is the one who gives you and also takes His things back from you. So always be humble or kind in your heart and body.

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