Al-Majeed meaning

Al-Majeed meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Majeed who is the most honorable, the most glorious one. He is the one who deserves all praise and honor because He is all glorious.

Al-Majeed meaning in English: 

  • The one most glorified
  • The one most honorable 
  • The one who is most glorious
  • The one who is most dignified
  • The one most noble and pure
  • The one who is generous and kind
  • The one who deserves all praise and honor
  • The one who is perfect in His being and action
  • The one free from all faults and imperfections
  • The one who is pure and perfect in His essence
  • The one with unlimited compassion and generosity
  • The one who is praise worthy
  • The one who is most bountiful


The most glorified, the most honourable: 

Allah is Al-Majeed who is most glorified in His essence or in Attributes. He is the one whose essence is perfection of majesty or glory. He is perfect in His glory. He is the one who is exceedingly glorious and generous. He is all the way majestic and glorified. He is glorified in the way that His glory and majesty is unlimited attributes which never ends. In everything His glory is shown and He creates everything perfectly according to His glory and majesty. He is the one who is the most dignified and glorious. Al-Majeed is the one whose essential nature is glorious and dignified. He is the only one whose generosity, glory and dignity deserves all praise. His essential nature is to give liberally and bountifully. Al-Majed is generous and glorified according to His favors to all actions and deeds. He is perfect in His wisdom and greatness and also perfect in giving. 

Al-Majeed is the one who is most great in His attributes and beautiful in His authority. He is the only one who has perfect honor and the one kingdom who never disappoints anyone. All honor and praise belong to Him and His wisdom of giving. He is the most honourable and glorious lord who fulfils all the needs of His creation and servants. He is the one who never disappoints anyone in His creation and makes everything possible for them to do or achieve. 

How can you live by the name Al-Majeed? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Majeed, on two occasions in the Quran. Praise your lord continuously and show Him that you are grateful to Him for all His blessings and bounties. 

Follow His book: Always remember that you are a slave of your lord, who is perfect or accurate so follow His book, His commands and stay away from His prohibitions. Recite it, understand it and live by the Quran to increase in your honor and dignity. Always follow His book because this book is the one who gives guidance to His believers that read it daily and also wants to understand it. 

Treat others with respect: Follow the attributes of Al-Majeed and try them for the welfare of other people. Treat them with goodness and patience. Always speak kindly to others, smile at them. Spend your wealth and power for the goodness of others, to give them benefits, use your blessings that your lord granted you. 

Praise Al- Majeed continuously: To praise your lord by show Him that you are grateful to Him, for His favors and for His perfect and accurate knowledge and wisdom. Praise Him continuously, because not praising Him is even a sign of hypocrite. When you do His dhikr this means that you are praising your lord and you are really grateful to Him for all and everything. Remember your lord while sitting, standing, working, running,and even many other things. 

Reflect on the creation of Al-Majeed: All the signs of your lord’s Majd are seen all around us, the whole universe and all its contains indicate the greatness and generosity of your lord. When you go through a problem, then you know that your lord is so generous  to let you get out of it. So worship Him and think about all His creation that He created for the benefits of others. 

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