Al-Maajid meaning

Al-Maajid meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Maajid who is the most noble and generous. He is the one giver who consistently gives, from His endless wealth. 

Al-Maajid meaning in English: 

  • The one who is most noble
  • The one who is the sovereign
  • The one who is most illustrious
  • The one who is the most generous
  • The one who is magnificent
  • The one who is glorious
  • The one who is consistently giver
  • The one whose wealth is endless
  • The one who is highly esteemed
  • The one who is the most honourable
  • The one who is praiseworthy
  • The one who is most majestic and dignified
  • The one who is most bountiful
  • The one who is abundant in goodness
  • The one who is absolute perfect
  • The one who forgives His servants

The most noble, The constant giver: 

Allah is Al-Maajid who is the most noble in His attributes. He is noble in every sense. He is the one who is generous and also glorious. All His attributes are noble. All His deeds and actions are noble for the benefit of others. He is the one who is most kind and beneficial to His servants. He loves His creation and also grants His creation with noble things. Al-Maajid is the one who deserves to be honoured and praised because of all His noble actions. He is the one who benefits others, but no one has the power to benefit Him. He gives noble rewards and benefits to His creation without any reason and benefits from them. He is one most abundant in His goodness and has vast greatness. He is the absolute perfect in His greatness and goodness. Al-Maajid is the most beloved and most noble lord that is unbeatable by anyone. 

Al-Maajid is the one constant giver. It is His one of the attributes to give or grant others. He grants every blessing and bounties to His creation or servants without any reason and any benefit. He constantly gives His servants, whether they ask Him or not. He gives everything without asking, but if His servant asks Him for anything then He will definitely grant him but at its specific time. He constantly rewards and gives His countless blessings to His creation without any limitation. He gives everything to His creation, power, strength, wealth and many other things for better living. 

How can you live by the name Al-Maajid? 

 Stay close to Al-Maajid who is the most noble and generous in His attributes. Turn to Him for all your needs and for everything, He will give you as He is the giver. 

Be good in your deeds: Goodness is our lord’s attribute. He wants His creation to be also good in His actions and deeds. Be good in your deeds. When you are doing any deed and action then remember that Al-Maajid is watching you and also have a record of everything you have done or doing. So always keep in mind the greatness of your lord and you will be absolutely fine in all things. Try to adopt good things around you and also make them your habit and perform them in your daily life. 

Seek the glory of Al-Maajid: Have a look in your surroundings and see the beautiful creation of Al-Maajid. He has created everything with His glory. See the trees, animals, plants, mountains, oceans, rivers and many other things that are actually uncountable by us. Appreciate the creation of your lord, the glory of your lord, because He is the one who deserves praising and appreciating. So seek His glory in all His creation. 

Share your blessings with others: Al-Maajid has granted all His creation, but some with more and some with less. So when He granted something or one of His blessings to His servant then He told Him to share his blessings with His other servants. He told His servants to share His blessings, because when you share your blessings He will increase your blessings and if you don’t share with others then He will take His blessings back from you. 

Ask Al-Maajid: Always ask Allah Al-Maajid for everything. Ask Him for His glory and generosity on you as always. Ask Him for the constant givings He gave to everyone. Always ask Him by remembering Him and also by appreciating His blessings. Ask Him for noble deeds and actions and also for His greatness. 

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