Al-Lateef meaning

Al-Lateef meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Lateef who is most gentle and most kind to His creation. He showers His kindness on His servants. 

Al-Lateef meaning in English: 

  • The one who is subtle
  • The one who is the most gentle
  • The one who is most kind
  • The knower of subtleties
  • The most gracious
  • The one who cares His creation
  • The one who is affectionate
  • The one who has all understanding
  • The one who is loving
  • The one who bestows gifts
  • The one who is the most merciful
  • The one who is full aware of all things
  • The one who is benevolent

The most gentle, most kind: 

Although we are oblivious to the acts of our lord, He is always kind and gentle to us. He takes care of His creation whether they follows His rules or not. He is an absolute kind and gentle lord that is always about His creation and never harms them. He is the one who does things for us that we never know nor think about. His nature is kind, generous, affectionate, loving who cares about His whole creation. Al-Lateef is most kind in His commands and actions. He is the one who loves His man seventy times more than his mother. He cares about people and helps them in all affairs of their lives. 

Al-Lateef is the one who has the power of doing those actions that others cannot do nor know about them. He is able to do what others can’t do. He is the one who helps during hardships and difficulties. He is the one who makes different seasons for us that we enjoy and don’t get bored of one thing. He cares about us all the time. Al-Lateef has created His universe in the most beautiful way and created everything to fulfil the needs of His creation. Al-Lateef helps or guides His creation in different ways. When we know the complete meaning of Al-Lateef then we know that nothing is impossible in this life and if Allah wills we can do anything. 

How can you live by the name Al-Lateef? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Lateef, seven times in the Quran. Al-Lateef disposes of our affairs in the most beneficial way without us even perceiving us.

Reflect on yourself and your surroundings: Firstly have a look at yourself and then on your surroundings. There are many ways of Al-Lateef that are found around you and also remember you of His presence. So take them as an oppurtunity. Change of seasons, ripening of fruits, the change in day and night, and breathing etc. Al-Lateef grants you all these because He is your only lord who is the manufacturer of this whole universe. 

Be gentle and kind to others: When we want to be thankful to Allah, we should try to be gentle and kind to others. Make an effort to look out for the poor, orphans, prisoners and all those in need around you and to do something to make your lives easier. Give them food to eat, give more clothing, support orphans and the poor. Help them out and make them happy and more comfortable.

Do everything with good intention: Al-Lateef knows everything, your intentions, desires, your thoughts etc so keep in mind when you are doing some task. Always have good intentions about anything, because when you have good thoughts then your lord also helps you and encourages you or gives you more will power. As He knows everything so that He can do everything for us to give us success in our life.

Grow your love for Al-Lateef: When Al-Lateef gives you something, be grateful and thankful to Him. When He puts you in some trouble then face it with patience and don’t blame Him for anything. Increase your love for Him because His love gives you more power and ability to do everything. Always say Alhamdulillah for all the things around you and also for those that you don’t notice but it benefits you greatly and superbly.  

Make dua for Al-Lateef: Make a dua to Al-Lateef for His kindness and generosity to you. Ask Him for His blessings on you and also on your loved ones. Ask Him for His help or care and also for His gentleness for you. 

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