Al- Khaliq meaning

Al- Khaliq meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al- Khaliq who is the creator of the whole universe and things in it.He creates everything perfectly and no one can change His things, He creates all the things in the way He wants or wishes to be.Allah is the creator of everything, Al-Kkaliq so always worship Him.

Al-Khaliq meaning in English:

  • The one who creates everything, the creator
  • The maker of everything.
  • The one who invents everything without any model
  • The one who creates everything perfectly
  • The one who knows how, when and in what a manner things are created or invented
  • The one who is the planner 
  •  He is the master of the universe
  • The one who is perfect in its attributes
  • The one who gives perfect forms and shapes and makes everything perfect in itself
  • The one who creates everything from nothing

The creator, the maker and the planner:

Allah Al-Khaliq is the planner of everything. He plans everything perfectly and purely without any doubt and confusion. He plans everything in a manner He wishes to be and His creations are always perfect and superb. 

He is the best creator in which there is no doubt and everything He created in a perfect manner. Al-Khaliq created the whole universe for His creation and set rules for His creation so as to maintain everything perfectly. When His rules are broken by His creation then disturbance and distortion in the world starts, which is not a good point. Allah is Al-Khaliq and this name shows all His attributes and qualities which are known by His creation and also His believers.

How  can you live by the name Al-Khaliq?

Al-Khaliq brings everything from nothing, from non-existence form to existence form. Allah called Himself Al-Khaliq on 11 occasions in the Quran. 

Appreciate nature: Make a habit of yours to take at least five or some more minutes to have a look at nature and its beauty. When you see creation then automatically you have curiosity to know the creator who created all these things and then you appreciate the things in a good manner. Always have a look on nature, the things inside it and then appreciate it and also its creator and the planner.

Don’t fear created things: Never fear creation, always fear creator. Don’t fear people’s opinions, their talks etc always fear Allah Al-Khaliq. Al-Khaliq has created things in all its unique manner that makes us feel that how the creator has created all these wonderful things perfectly. Always fear your Khaliq because Allah is the only one who makes everything good for you and also makes everything easy and wonderful. 

Strengthen your relation with Al-Khaliq: Whenever you have a problem always ask Allah to have mercy on you and always show His blessings on you. When you ask Allah for every small matter then in this way your relation with Him strengthens and He will definitely listen to your problems and also help you to solve your   problems and make you feel comfortable and have peace in your life.  When you see Allah’s creation and also appreciate these things and also its creator then this makes you near to your Allah and have a strong relation between you and your only lord. So always ask Al-Khaliq for His blessings and ask Him for your needs and wishes.


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