Al-Khafid meaning

Al-Khafid meaning or explanation in English

Al-Khafid is the lowerer, He lowers whoever He willed by His destruction. He is the one who brings down tyrants and humiliates the arrogant. Al-Khafid puts people in a lower position.

Al-Khafid meaning in English:

  • The one who is the reducer
  • The lowerer
  • The one who is humbler
  • The one who softens
  • The one who weakens or diminish
  • The one who humbles the proud
  • The one who brings down the tyrants
  • The one who humiliates the arrogant pharaohs
  • The one who puts people in lower position
  • The one who abases or humiliates
  • The one who awakens insolent from their sleep

The lowerer, the one who humiliates: 

Allah is   Al-Khafid who lowerer all the tyrants or oppressors. He is the one who weakens or diminishes also. Allah is the one who can humiliate no one except Him can do this.He puts people in the lower position and humiliates whomever among His slaves. The one that stands against Al-Khafid, then Al-Khafid lowers them from their position and tells them their place.The one who goes against Him, Al-Khafid lowers them in their status and makes them insignificant and invaluable.  

He lowers His slaves by humiliating them, by lowering their position and their rank. So whatever Al-Khafid has given to you, thank Him as always and never be proud of yourself. Because everything we have is granted by Him to us and whenever He wills also takes it from us and we can do nothing. Allah is Al-Khafid also so we must keep it in mind that He may humiliate anyone whenever He wills. He brings down the tyrants and the oppressors and tells them their actual position. 

How can you live by the name Al-Khafid?

Allah is Al-Khafid who is the reducer or the lowerer who lowers the one who is proud. He oppresses the oppressor and the tyrants and also humiliates them.

Be humble: Al-Khafid is the one who loves His humble slaves and humiliates His tyrant slaves. When you have a power then always keep it in your mind that your lord has given you this power and authority. He may also taken it from you whenever He wills so always remember that you are nothing and Al-Khafid is your only lord. Be humble to everyone in your surrounding and always thankful to your lord for all His blessings.

Never be proud: Everything around us is Allah’s blessings and bounties and everything is under His control. So when you succeed or have victory in your life then never say that it is all because of your hard work but say that all this is Allah’s blessings and because of His will. If He wills then success comes to you so always be thankful to Him in any condition and never be proud of yourself. 

Dua to Al-Khafid: Always do dua to Al-Khafid that we always become His faithful slaves and never become proud. When you ask Him He may listen to you and fulfil your dua. Because He may humiliate the one who is proud or tyrant. Al-Khafid will always bless you when you ask Him or dua Him for His mercy on you. Always be thankful to your lord at all times and success will be yours.

Be good to others: Allah has created all His creation in the same way, then He may distribute His wealth or power among them. Some have more wealth or power then others, then He may say that always be good to others and never do bad with others. When you behave good to others then your lord will bless you more and you become more good in front of Him. Share your blessings with others then in result Allah will increase your blessings not decrease.

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