Al-Kareem meaning

Al-Karim meaning and explanation in English

Allah is Al-Kareem who is the most generous and bountiful lord. He is the one who gives precious gifts to whomever He wills and also to His servants.

Al-Kareem meaning in English: 

  • The one who is most generous
  • The one most glorified
  • The one who is most bountiful
  • The one who is most esteemed
  • The one who is most kind
  • The one who gives precious gifts to His servants
  • The one who is gracious in giving as well forgiving
  • The one who is most honoured
  • The one most beneficent
  • The one who is kareem in His dealings with creation
  • The one who is the source of virtue and good
  • The one who is most holy
  • The one who is noble 
  • The one who is the most forbearing
  • The one who is the most beloved

The most generous, the most beneficent: 

Allah is Al-Kareem who is the most generous and noble in His attributes and qualities. He shows His generosity on His creation. He is the one most kind that there is no bound of His kindness and mercy. He shows unlimited generosity and kindness on His creation. He gives them every single thing for no benefit. He is the one generous who is continually giving precious gifts to whomever He wills. He grants everyone but grants more to His servants and His believers. He shows His generosity by forgiving His servants and giving them more opportunity and also by appreciating them in their every good deeds. Allah is Al-Kareem in the sense that whatever He gives, gives generously and when His believers commit a sin then forgive them forbearingly. 

Al-Kareem is the most beneficent. He gives benefits and rewards to His servants. He gives precious gifts to those whomever He wills. He is the honoured and most esteemed in all His attributes and grants His creation everything according to His honour and dignity. He is the one who rewards His creation, appreciates them by giving them rewards and blessings. He may make them happy and then they are more appreciated to do good deeds that their lord likes the most. For appreciation and as a reward, Al-Kareem gives His creation more blessings and more prizes that are precious to Him. 

How can you live by the name Al-Kabeer? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Kabeer, on the two occasions in the Quran. Recognize the value Al-Kareem gives you and use it to benefit His ummah and other people. 

Be generous to be close to Al-Kareem: Al-Kareem is generous in  His attributes. So, try to be generous to your belongings, to your family, friends, relatives and many other people whom you don’t know. When you are generous to others then your lord becomes more generous to you. His true believers want His generosity, so make yourself eligible for having His generosity on you. 

Develop a relationship with Quran al-kareem: Quran is the most holy book that is a precious gift for the believers of Al-Kareem. Allah’s book, Quran is kareem because it is full of benefits and guidance that is sufficient for human beings. This is the book necessary for the best guidance and also for gaining benefits. This book is like to read daily to gain knowledge, because it is necessary for all our affairs of life. So make a habit to read this book daily so that you may have a good relationship with Al-Kareem. 

Don’t forget fire: Including in all the blessings that Al-Kareem has granted you, never forget hellfire. Al-Kareem has given you many blessings, but it is up to you whether you use it right or wrong. So try to use them always right,  because when you use them wrong then it is written in your record. And then at the day of judgement when Al-Kareem asks about it then you put into hellfire. So remember yourself about these things and then do a deed. So, it is in your hand that you go to hell or heaven. Encourage yourself to do good deeds. 

Study about Al-Kareem: To gain more knowledge and guidance then study about Al-Kareem. Study book and most importantly study Quran kareem. When you know Him then you work according to Him and also according to His rules. So study His attributes and try to adopt them in all conditions. 

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