Al-Kabeer meaning

Al-Kabeer meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Kabeer who is the greatest. He is the one who is perfect in His greatness. His greatness is beyond measure, it is unlimited. 

Al-Kabeer meaning in English: 

  • The one who is all great
  • The one who is the greatest
  • The one who is perfect in His greatness
  • The one to which nothing is comparable
  • The most great
  • The one whose greatness is unlimited
  • The one who is unimaginable to human mind
  • The one who is most grand
  • The one who is great in all His attributes
  • The one who is perfect
  • The one that no one is like Him
  • The one who is absolutely great
  • The one who is most high

The all great, the one nothing is comparable: 

Al-Kabeer is the one who is great in His attributes. He is the one that has unlimited attributes that are beyond measurement. He is great in His power, might, mercy, forgiveness, blessing, in rank, size, nobility, kindness, generosity and many others. His attributes are beyond any measurement and beyond any scale. He is the one who is perfectly great without any fault or imperfection. No faults and mistakes belong to Him. He is absolutely great that created this whole universe by His wisdom with such greatness that no one can even imagine to do that. His greatness is literally shown in all His creation, in His blessings and many others. 

As Al-Kabeer is all great in His attribute, undoubtedly. He is the one nothing is comparable to Him. His greatness is one that the human mind can stick to His one creation and doesn’t understand His wisdom. There is no one that competes with Him. He is the only one that is alone, the creator of everything and anything around us and behind us. He is the one that is unmatchable and no one can even imagine to compare with Him. 

How can you live by the name Al-Kabeer? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Kabeer, on six occasions in the Quran. Truly believe in Him that He is the great and have strong faith and believe in Him. 

Find happiness with Al-Kabeer: If you want to have peace and happiness in your life then turn to Him.When you turn to Him with pure heart then you will feel more peace and happiness. The more you know about His names, His attributes and His greatness then more you will get close to Him. Turn to Him with great devotion and love in your heart and you will definitely find what you want from Him. There is eternal peace in His names and attributes. So try more to have knowledge about Him it will keep you close to Him. 

Magnify Al-Kabeer in a proper way: Try to make a habit to magnify Al-Kabeer. Try to say these words: Alhamdulillah, SubhanAllah, Allahu akbar and Laillaha illAllah. These words are very precious and close to Al-Kabeer so increase in saying these words. So use these words to magnify your lord. 

Never be arrogant: Protect yourself from arrogance. Keep yourself away from arrogance and bad behaviour. Here is a good tip that whenever you are going to sin, look up and think that Al-Kabeer is watching you. When you realize that Al-Kabeer is always watching you then in this you may keep yourself away from sin as well from arrogance. Al-Kabeer doesn’t like arrogant people.

Be proud of your lord: Don’t be ashamed of Allah’s divine commands and His religion. When someone offers you wine to drink, then don’t apologize nor make any excuse that i have a stomach issue etc. But say proudly that it is forbidden in my religion. Tell them proudly that our religion, our lord, ordered us not to drink it.  When you say this with strong belief then you will reach a higher level in paradise. If you really believe that Al-Kabeer is your lord then you should be proud of Him at any place, any time and in any company

Strive for a higher rank with Al-Kabeer: Glorify your lord alone, be humble in life in order to gain a higher rank or position in this world or the world hereafter by your lord. If Al-Kabeer blesses you with being kabeer in this world, in knowledge, in your job, in having skills, so use them to benefit others and truly become kabeer to Him in the Hereafter. 

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