Al-Jaleel meaning

Al-Jaleel meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Jaleel who is the most glorious and above all in rank and dignity. He is the one who is highest in His rank and wisdom.

Al-Jaleel meaning in English: 

  • The one most glorious
  • The one who is majestic
  • The one who is sublime
  • The one who is great
  • The one above all
  • The one who is source of all attributes of greatness
  • The one who has power
  • The one who has glory of rank and position
  • The one who is magnificent
  • The most beneficent
  • The one who is most honoured
  • The one who is perfect in His goodness
  • The one who is independent
  • The one who is resplendent
  • The one who is superior to all 

The greatest, the majestic one:

Allah is Al-Jaleel who is the greatest. He is the one who is great in all His attributes and qualities. He is the one no one can compare with. His greatness is shown in all His blessings and creation. He is the only one creator of the universe which He created by His wisdom and greatness. He is great and above all in His dignity and rank. No one can attain the position of Al-Jaleel. His greatness is all above the human mind, they don’t even imagine how He created this universe. He is the one who is attributed with greatness and glory of position. He is too great to do everything and anything. The things around us show us the greatness of our lord.

Al-Jaleel is the one who is majestic and glorious. He is majestic in everything, in His every work. He is the one most glorious and no one can attain His rank. He blesses His creation, gives them food to eat, grants them clothes and many other things that are sufficient and necessary for their lives, He gives all these things in such a majestic way He is. He is the one who is most glorified and perfect in all His attributes. He sets the rules for His creation with wisdom and sets them majestically.

How can you live by the name Al-Jaleel? 

Allah is Al-Jaleel who is the most glorified and the greatest in His attributes. So, try to do good deeds so that you come close to Al-Jaleel.

Be good to others: Allah is Al-Jaleel who is high in His rank and position. He is the one who works for the goodness of His creation and always benefits them. So, try to be good to others. When your lord has granted you try to use this in His path. Try to make yourself better that your lord likes you. As giving is Al-Jaleel’s attribute so try to adopt that attribute of Al-Jaleel and give others what you have by yourself. 

Use your power in the path of Al-Jaleel: Al-Jaleel is high or great in His power and dignity. When He granted you with power, it may include many types of powers, so use them in His path and make Him and His creation happy. When you do so He grants you more and more and you will be pleased by Him. 

Never be arrogant: Keep yourself away from arrogance. Never be arrogant in any matter. When you are on the way to commit a sin then remember that Al-Jaleel is the greatest, He knows everything by His greatness and has a record of all our deeds. So, remember that He knows everything as He is watching you at all times. 

Be proud of Al-Jaleel: Always be proud of your lord that He is the great and no one is Like Him. When someone asks you to do or take any haram thing, don’t make any excuses nor apologize. But say proudly that your lord has not allowed me to take this. Tell them confidently, and if you have true belief in Him then you will automatically gain confidence. 

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