Al-Jabbar meaning

Al-Jabbar meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Jabbar who is the most compeller of all, The one who brings comfort for all His creation. He is the most merciful lord and he repairs all the problems.

Al-Jabbar meaning in English:

  • The all compelling
  • The one who is the repairer
  • The one who restores everything
  • The one who is irresistible
  • The one who prevails over everything
  • The one who overwhelms everything with His power
  • The one who is most glorified
  • The one who reforms
  • The one who is exalted
  • The one who is high above His whole universe or creation
  • The greatest
  • The one who has great power and authority

The repairer, the restorer:

Allah is Al-Jabbar who is the most repairer, who repairs every single thing and makes it good for His creation. Al-Jabbar has complete dominion over His whole creation and universe. Al-Jabbar can repair broken hearts and give them peace of mind and heart. He may give them knowledge so that they walk on the right path and obey His rules.

He is the restorer who restores everything and makes everything easy for His creation, believers as well as His disbelievers. He is the one who uses His powers to help His creation and make them comfortable at everything. He helps the weak and brings comfort to them.He removes all the grief and repairs their broken hearts and gives them peace.

Al-Jabbar is the most merciful and beneficent and always binds the wounds of His creation.

How can you live by the name Al-Jabbar? 

In the Quran, Jabbar is used ten times. It is used only once for Allah ‘azza wa jal and nine times for the people oppressing others.

Think how Al-Jabbar compels you: Al-Jabbar compels you by creating you in the way He wants to be. He has created you perfectly and beautifully and compelled you to accept it. You are compelled to accept everything, even the beating of your heart, your blood circulation, working of your brain, your sleeping, walking etc all. These are all involuntary actions that are compelled by Al-Jabbar’s power and authority. So take time everyday to think about how He has compelled us to everything, this can increase your Emaan and faith in Al-Jabbar.

Don’t harm others: When you have authority or when Allah has given you power then never misuse it and always use it in the right way. Never harm others and never try to show yourself perfect in front of others. When your parents become weak, never say a little bit to them but give them strength and power that you are here for them. Don’t become jabbar because the attributes of jabbar do not benefit others.

Try to mend someone’s heart: If you have oppressed someone then try to seek forgiveness from him. When you see someone suffering from a broken heart or any other problem then try to mend someone’s heart and feel them comfortable.

Turn to Al-Jabbar to fix your faults: When you are getting failure in any field of your life, then only do one thing. Try to turn to your lord Al-Jabbar to fix your faults and mistakes. Allah will fix your problems in the best way and you will get success in every field of your life.

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