Al-Hayy meaning

Al-Hayy meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Hayy who is the one ever-lasting. He is not subject to death or sickness, He is perfect. He is the one living. 

Al-Hayy meaning in English: 

  • The one who is ever-lasting
  • The one who is the living
  • The one who is undying
  • The one who is forever
  • The one who is alive
  • The one who is perfect in His attributes
  • The one who is not subject to death or sickness
  • The one who is eternally whole and absolute
  • The one from which all life arises from
  • The one who has no beginning or end
  • The one who has no end to His existence
  • The one who is ever living
  • The one who doesn’t die
  • The one who has no shortcomings
  • The one who animates all lifeThe one who is deathless
  • The one who is the doer, the aware

The everlasting, the living: 

Allah is Al-Hayy who is the one undying and also the forever. He is the one who has no beginning or end. He is ever-lasting and forever. He creates this entire universe and also fills it with His blessings and also maintains it with His wisdom and knowledge. He is the one deathless, who doesn’t die. No beginnings and ends belong to Him, He is everlasting and forever. He is the lord or the creator of the whole universe and no death belongs to Him but He may give life and death to everyone He pleases. He is the one who has no end to His existence. He is aware of all deeds and actions that are happening in this world. 

Al-Haqq is the one living. He is an ever living lord that is never put to an end or destruction. But all these are His attributes to give life, death, beginning or end to His creation and servants. He is living and is fully aware of everything. He is not subjected to death or any sickness. He is perfect in His living and He is great in all His attributes and qualities. He is the one from which all life arises from. He is the one who has ultimate and supreme life and His life is never preceded by nothingness. 

How can you live by the name Al-Hayy? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Hayy, on five occasions in the Quran. When you lose anything around you, then be comforted by Al-Hayy and know that He will always be there for you. 

Rely upon the ever-lasting: Rely upon the ever-lasting lord who never dies and is forever living. In every situation either hard and easy, always look at your lord because He is the only one who keeps everything in a better way. When you put trust in Al-Hayy then He will grant you more and more and make you happy. So always be happy and think about the glory of your lord

Motivate yourself to be good: Al-Hayy is the one who is sufficient for all. When you have a true belief in your lord then it will motivate you to do good. True faith means that we believe in His ever-lasting living and also believe in it fully. He always motivates you to always do good. Open your eyes and ears or see everything happening around you and also have an eye on the wrong deeds. When you do good by yourself then in this way you also motivate others to do good

Be comforted by Al-Hayy: Be comforted by Al-Hayy and turn to Him to feel comfortable and have peace. When you are treated unjustly by anyone, then make your faith strong in your lord and know that He is the best giver of justice. So always believe in your lord and never go against Him, because He is the only one who comforts you. 

Turn to Al-Hayy for daily life guidance: Turn to your lord for the betterment of everything in your life. When you find hardships and problems in your life at any moment then turn to Him. Turn to Him and ask Him in any situation for having peace and joy in your life. Turn to the living one who never goes to die. 

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